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The Duke who was engaged in what was dedicated

Urdangarin showed in the false naivete trial and tried to shelter himself in a real impunity

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The Duke who was engaged in what was dedicated

"I dedicated myself to what I was dedicated to," replied Iñaki Urdangarin at trial, dazed, Haggard, with a broken voice and a white tuft in his hair, as mark of a disgrace. He was a fallen man from top and was not yet explained. The prosecutor had asked him what his work was in Nóos Institute, and his answers emerging vague feeling that it was not very clear, or it was nothing at all, rar than appearing in Congresses and meetings and that his only presence sufficed. Be who he was. In exchange, money came in.

This crude use of aristocratic title, of royal pedigree, was cornerstone on which Nóos Institute rested. Urdangarin charged 15,000 euros per month of Motorpress Ibérica SL for "Analyzing trends in world of motor". He made reports for an entity called Andean Development Confederation. The case put real icing, at top, to an obscene time in Spain with sport as a business, congresses as a racket, elite as looting.

That unwrapping of Urdangarin, that moving through life with settled life, which llovieraned thousands of euros as if y were with charge, was most destructive n for image of royal family. Even more so because scandal erupted in November 2011, in depths of crisis. But trial was even worse, in 2016, because Urdangarin and Infanta Cristina, after cutting off communication with King's house and feeling abandoned, followed an apologetic strategy that dragged institution. His defense was more or less: in Zarzuela y knew everything. So, y concluded, re was nothing wrong or it occurred to m, that you don't know what is worse. Sense of impunity, it's called. Urdangarin turned her into judgment in helplessness and naivety, as if she had never anticipated in script to account for anyone. Yesterday's sentence, after a trail of destruction in mechanisms of system, corrects that perception.

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The amazing thing about exdukes of Palma is how y carried to end, until catastrophe, ir idea that that was normal. "I am fully convinced of your innocence," said Infanta at trial of her husband. One of questions that leaves process is at what point y were disillusioned and why y have felt deceived, because y threw suspicion that it had always worked like this.

The first touch of attention of n royal house would have been already in 2005, after one of first events of Nóos, Illes balears Forum. A Zarzuela advisor, José Manuel Romero, conde de Fontao, met with Urdangarin and advised him to finish it. In 2012, radical ultimatum: eir y parted or it, sixth in line dynastic, renounced ir rights of succession. According to Zarzuela sources, Cristina rode in Anger: "I was born Infanta and I will die Infanta!". From n on y were left alone, and it is sad image that y gave in trial, like two constables of nobility thrown among plebs.

Exposed for hours

In an austere building of a palm industrial estate, it was unusual that blue chair reserved with a piece of paper that looked like a mistake: "Christina of Bourbon and Greece." The journalists had in front of Infanta, two meters, forced, exposed for hours to his gaze. Philip VI was at trial, but in photography. In a painting in front of his sister and his bror-in-law, on court, dressed in a toga and great necklace of justice. Good thing that by n re had been a cut with past, unlike what happened to ors, and he was one who presided room, and not Juan Carlos I. The King emeritus, his time, how it was possible, why he was tolerated, floated in judgment. It was with those scenes, those interrogations, when something broke in relationship of Spaniards with monarchy, something in Spain ceased to be as it was.

In his statement, Diego Torres recalled that he had over 300 emails and documents from Royal house, just as in his book he told that he and Urdangarin bought ring of order from Felipe VI to his wife in a jewellery in Barcelona. At trial he spoke at some point of "Mrs. Corinna" as in passing. Each time that Torres or a witness bordered core of matter, overunderstanding, that in what was thinking all Spain, tension in room was shot, as if it were about to make history. Like when y asked Torres if Juan Carlos I was aware of what was going on in Nóos. The skilled teacher fell prey to panic: "I'm not going into those games!" It was n that President of Court clarified that it was not a game and said, without anyone asking: "The court is going to shield its independence!". The three judges lived view as if re were at stake, under examination, Spanish justice, and really it was.


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