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The ' Exconsellrs ' seek to convince Llarena that they will not again enforce the law to let them free

Junqueras and the rest of the imprisoned by the independence process declare in the supreme

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The ' Exconsellrs ' seek to convince Llarena that they will not again enforce the law to let them free

The ten investigated for rebellion in independence process that are in prison will try this Friday to convince Supreme Court Judge Paul Llarena to release m. To this end, y will have to show that re is no risk of leakage, or of destruction of evidence or criminal repetition, three aspects that determine precautionary measure of preventive imprisonment.

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The ten have been transferred in morning to Madrid from prison ( six male exadvisors from city; women, from Alcalá de Henares; and Sànchez and Cuixart, from Soto del Real). As in Supreme Court re are no dungeons, prisoners are led to custody room of national audience, located just a few meters from headquarters of High Court. From re, according to sources of supreme, will be taken by car, probably two by two, in order in which judge wants to take a statement.

After High Court took on Friday cause of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement, former advisers and former presidents of ANC and Òmnium had asked to appear before Llarena for supreme to review precautionary measures imposed by National audience and appreciate possibility of leaving m free. In brief filed with High Court, lawyers of imprisoned requested that appearance be focused only on revising unconditional pressure decreed by audience, without entering to testify on merits of crimes attributed to m by Office.

According to letter of citation dictated by Llarena, magistrate has agreed to this petition and appearances may be limited to answering questions that prosecutors and judge deem necessary to assess wher y can be granted probation. According to lawyers of imprisoned, only former Minister of Interior, Meritxell Borràs (PDeCAT), only one of ex-high-ranking prisoners who does not concur in any list of 21-D, will be presented before Llarena with intention of making a declaration Extensively to enter into depths of crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of those charged.

The rest of imprisoned (with exception of president of Òmnium) concur with Catalan elections in positions of exit of some of lists independentists and consider, according to writings that have been presented before judge, who have right to make Campaign out of jail. The election campaign begins next Tuesday, December 5, so if Llarena decides to release m after making a statement this Friday, y will be able to make entire campaign away from prison.

The exadvisors and presidents of ANC and Òmnium aspire for Magistrate to act in same way as he did on November 9, when he opted to impose acceptable bails to evade jail to five of six members of Parlament's Bureau to whom he took Decl. Repair ( sixth released him without bail) against prosecutor's criterion, which called for unconditional prison for Carme Forcadell and three or members of Bureau. Llarena took that decision, contrary to prosecution's judgment, after, during getting of precautionary measures, all those investigated would abide by artículo155 of Constitution and ensure that if y continued in politics y would do so without ever skipping Constitution. The imprisoned independence leaders have been advancing in writings presented to supreme that y also abide by 155 and who renounce unilateral way to achieve Catalonia's independence. This Friday he will be repeated before Llarena to try to release m.


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