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The ' Expresident ' strategist comes out of the shadows

Puigdemont entrusts the campaign to Elsa Artadi, a high office of the Govern who left the PDeCAT a few weeks ago

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The ' Expresident ' strategist comes out of the shadows

Just six years ago Elsa Artadi (Barcelona, 1976) landed in Catalan politics. It was in hands of Economist Andreu Mas-Colell, whom Artur Mas entrusted with task of straightening out a practically bankrupt Hacienda. At 35 years, with a brilliant resume, Artadi joined a small team of collaborators who always accompanied Mas-Colell. His face was announced when he was entrusted with start of raffle of New Year's Grossa, Christmas lottery of Generalitat. But that handful of public appearances did not cut a shadow job — "De ant," say those who have worked with her — who continued when Carles Puigdemont commissioned him to coordinate government's ministries. Despite application of article 155 of Constitution, Artadi continues with his position and salary, of 82,209 euros annually. And this despite being a close collaborator of Puigdemont, who has asked him to move from Sottogoverno to be strategist of campaign of party of President ceased.

Since entering first government of Mas, Artadi had kept a low profile. "He would sit at one of Parlament's tables, with high positions and technicians of counseling." He took his papers and moved on to work without losing thread of what was happening in room. If during appearance Conseller needed some information, I looked for it and passed it. This reminds her of some former companions of her time as an advisor to Mas-Colell. Artadi arrived n from Milan, where he had practiced as a professor of economics at Bocconi University. BA in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University, Artadi had a doctorate from Harvard and had been an advisor to Davos Economic Forum or World Bank. His career fit perfectly with that of members of a department led by independent Liberal-profile economists.

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After two years in counseling, Mas-Colell relied on Artadi Directorate General of tributes and Lotteries, a department with little public projection of not being because that year GENERALITAT launched Grossa. From that first draw was a bittersweet taste. In a few months he was able to popularize cabezudo that gave image to draw and achieved a collection that never managed to match. However, first prize was deserted, which discredited draw. Artadi admitted fiasco. "He said that this could not happen again and system was sought so that it would not recur," y say in ir environment. In that general direction, Artadi continued to advise Mas-Colell and increasingly assumed more coordination tasks, such as Generalitat's groups that analyzed autonomous financing or fiscal scales. Until, at end of Mas mandate, he was appointed Secretary of Treasury.

Artadi its environment highlights its capacity to work and its delivery, which manages to cope, y say, with hours it manages to scratch for practice of yoga, one of its passions. With this trajectory, at end of second term Artadi had become one of emergent values of orbit of Mas despite not belonging to old Convergència. But, however, he did not repeat in presidency of Generalitat for veto of CUP. Instead, Puigdemont took reins of institution and chose Artadi as interdepartmental coordinator. It was not a simple charge: It required a government composed of former CDC, ERC and independent members to agree on main measures with CUP.

Presentation of PDeCAT

His role in executive of President ceased to be far from public spotlight. And yet it was n that he began his political career. With burial of former CDC after cases of corruption and founding of PDeCAT, but saw need to incorporate new faces in national leadership of party and even commissioned ideological paper with which training wanted to occupy a center space Liberal to compete with country, which continued to comiéndole ground and threatened to replace old cities as a hegemonic force of Catalan nationalism. However, Artadi had to leave party leadership after training cadres did not accept exceptions in regime of incompatibilities, which prevents a member of Directorate from being high office of Generalitat and PDeCAT.

After implementation of article 155 of Constitution, Artadi remained in office despite being one of most trusted people in Puigdemont. The former president entrusted him with leadership of campaign of Junts per Catalunya despite fact that a few weeks ago he left PDeCAT. At beginning of November, Artadi asked for days of vacation to travel to Brussels, where toger with a small circle of confidence of Puigdemont prepared list of Junts per Catalunya, full of independents and politicians from or parties and in which The presence of PDeCAT was blurred, which again caused discomfort between tables of party.

With candidate in Brussels and heavyweights of list in pre-trial detention, Artadi — who is on leave by campaign — was yesterday face of training in Catalonia. Having always been in shadows has its drawbacks. Also number ten by Barcelona is not bregada in political arena, but its environment does not doubt its capacity. "Learn fast," summary.

A "second Round 1 of October"

Junts per Catalunya, party headed by former President Carles Puigdemont, raises elections of December 21st as a "second round of October 1". This was presented yesterday by head of campaign and number ten by Barcelona of training, Elsa Artadi, who outlined party's electoral program.

The program raises elections as a plebiscite between "Puigdemont or Rajoy" and commits to "restore" head of government ceased as president of Generalitat. In a clear notice to ERC, programme warns that "pushing" anor candidate would mean "legitimizing article 155".

As a novelty, program incorporates creation of a new "digital state" that baptizes as E-Stat or ERepublica. The plan of action is based, according to electoral programme, on giving citizens "a self-managed Catalan digital identity", promoting a "digital volunteer" and even promoting creation of a "Catalan digital currency".


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