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The false announcements of secessionism

Independence continues to promise unviable acts for the situation of its leaders and the judicial action

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The false announcements of secessionism

The reality was again imposed on Monday and evidenced a new unfulfilled promise of independence, which will not go, for moment, to European Court of Human Rights to defend candidacy of Jordi Sànchez to Generalitat, against what was announced Last day 9. It was anor false announcement of many that has been doing secessionism since elections of December 21, although it has already been demonstrated in what was desired Catalan republic, when no country recognized and unveiled that y had not prepared " State structures "promised. These are some of commitments that were left to nothing.

return of Puigdemont. On December 12, in midst of election campaign, Carles Puigdemont offered a press conference for videoconferencing at Catalan news agency, which was dependent on Generalitat, and promised that he and four advisors who fled to Brussels would return to Catalonia if I won election. "Let no one have any doubts," he said, even though he had already weighed upon m a warrant of arrest if he returned. The former president is still in Belgian capital since 30 October.

restitution of former President. After victory of December 21st in seats (70 of 135), Junts per Catalunya, Esquerra and CUP closed ranks with Puigdemont and promised that he was " only candidate" to investiture and that he would be reinstated in post despite arrest warrant. On January 25, President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, summoned plenary of inauguration for 30 of that month, but on 27th Constitutional Court forbade investiture of Puigdemont if it did not present himself in Parlament and had permission of magistrate Pablo Llarena. Finally, plenary was not held and was "postponed, not suspended," Torrent said, because " necessary guarantees were not given."

to Strasbourg by Puigdemont. Torrent n said that "re was no or" candidate who was not Puigdemont. On 13 February, he announced a complaint to European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) based in Strasbourg and called on members to join it. He never came forward.

tele Matic investiture, delegated vote. The independence promised that investiture of Puigdemont would be possible if regulation of Parliament was amended to allow a telematic election or with delegated vote. Junts per Catalunya registered a parliamentary initiative to make possible legal change that was never managed by disagreement with Esquerra and because lawyers of Parlament opposed.

government from Brussels. Secessionism also promised that, if law of presidency of Generalitat was changed, Puigdemont could be invested as president if anor person read his written speech and that it would be possible to govern from Brussels and gar his government in telematic sessions. Junts per Catalunya recorded anor proposal of law to modify current text that also ended in a drawer because of discrepancy with ERC and legal services ' qualms.

candidate Jordi Sànchez. Unsuccessful previous initiatives, Torrent proposed Jordi Sànchez for inauguration last day 6 and summoned a plenary to be held yesterday, although candidate is in prison and did not have support of enough deputies, because CUP announced that Refrain. Finally, Judge Paul Llarena denied him freedom on day 9. The independence and its media speakers said that judge played dirty and waited for ECHR to close to make public his decision. Junts per Catalunya also announced a complaint against Llarena for prevarication if he did not release Sànchez. In end, re is no demand for Strasbourg to ask for release of Sànchez nor is re any quarrel.


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