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The false excuses of independence

Separatist leaders have long ventured a forceful reaction from the government, even though they now deny it

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The false excuses of independence

The forecasts of independence have been proved false in multiple areas. Thus it has been proven in "all about" of so-called "State structures", in international recognition that y gave by guaranteed or in confidence of business and financial world. The pretext for justifying now to its voters failed independence is that Government and its Parties did not envisage judicial and police action of state, accusing administration of a violence and actions inherent in an authoritarian regime. However, truth is that from 2016 sovereigntists leaders promised to satiety that, whatever powers of State did, secession was guaranteed if result of illegal referendum of 1-or was favorable to it.

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The arrests of presidents of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and of Òmnium and those of directors of executive of Carles Puigdemont have been received with surprise by independence, but same expresident stated in 2016 in interviews with Newspaper Die Welt and Bloomberg agency that contemplated going to prison: "I'm willing to go all way, even if I have to pay that price." Jordi Baiget, until July of this year counsellor of company and knowledge, assured by n that he was willing to go to prison but not to lose his patrimony; The interview, in which Baiget made se statements questioning unilateral way, meant his cessation. His substitute, Santi Vila — now critical of lack of preparation of Catalan government to apply independence —, said last September at a rally that was prepared to be incarcerated: "In coming days we can stop or go to prison, and I am willing" "To assume it." There were also public demonstrations contemplating judicial actions and application of article 155. Puigdemont said in September at forefront: "We have a duty to imagine everything on radar of state's possibilities for action." The health advisor Toni ate confirmed in August at Universitat Catalana D'Estiu that state prepared criminal route and "repress referendum." ERC member Joan Tardà already pointed out in April 2016 that state had opted for "judicial violence", "but it all depends on us," he said.

The police charges of 1-O also seemed foreseen by referents sovereigntists. Former president Artur Mas said in February: "We must have an organized mobilization scheme that makes it very difficult for state to stop referendum or that price that it has to pay to prevent it is enormous." Ate this valuation in an interview in newspaper Ara: "The state will have to repress and people will not stay at home." The leader of CUP Arrufat explained in September 2016 that "repression" was objective: "It is necessary to enter into anti-democratic contradiction to state and have to resort to some kind of legal force or brute force [...]" "So you have to repress, if you want to repress, to last consequences."

The sis of having everything under control, now denied, remained until October. At a conference in Brussels on 18 October, Foreign Minister Raül Romeva said: "Whatever state does, we will not budge;" "We have no choice." The acts of propaganda before 1-or were prolific in promising creation of Catalan Republic do what Government did. The spokesman of Generalitat Jordi Turull said 10 days before application of 155: "The state raises following terms: O Surrender or pull forward." Obviously surrender is not part of any of scenarios of this government. The commitment to mandate of 1-O is absolute, is total. [...] "I can assure you that we will neir stop to see how Catalan institutions occupy mselves." The exadvisor of Interior Joaquim Forn aimed at a rally of September 21, one day after arrests of September 20 against operative of consultation: "It depends on us to win and to get our dream of independence". Deputy Antoni Spanish, on same day, said: This is only up to us. "We have a historic opportunity." And on September 20, president of Òmnium Jordi Cuixart tweeted: "The state assaults our institutions and will arrive as far as we leave him."

The bravado have been constant. Puigdemont warned last July that State could only impede independence with a better proposition. The President of presidency, Francesc Homs, opened in February that, if re was "a criminal response to a peaceful and democratic process, it would be end of Spanish State". On September 14, at rally in Tarragona that began campaign of 1-O, leader of ERC Marta Rovira noted that he had a message for those who each day make reconsiderations, threats, catastrophic announcements: "The way to Catalan Republic has no return" ".

Everything under control

The guarantees of having it all under control do what Rajoy government was constant also during 2016. Tardà was especially redundant about it. In May of that year he said: If we don't shit, we'll win. If we cower and betray citizenship, we will lose. For first time in history it all depends on us, for first time what happens in Madrid will be secondary. They can make it difficult for us, but it all depends on us. And in February 2016, in Xarxa TV, said vehemently: "For first time in 200 years everything, everything, everything, only depends on us."

Tardà has not been only one in ERC who joined slogan altoger depends on us. It was used by Santi Vila in 2016 and Republican MP in Teresa Jordà Congress, who in April of that year said that nothing depended on Spanish state: "It only depends on us and our efforts to build a Catalan republic." The Republican spokesman in Senate, Mirella Cortes, wrote last June: "Every day closer." No one will stop us. "nor threats of Rajoy or anything."

ERC will make a recount of votes itself

C.S. Baquero

Republican choice fears a "system" in Catalan elections on 21 December and refore reinforces own tally that is usually done in votes. This was explained yesterday by spokesman and campaign leader of Republicans, Sergi Sabrià. "We are not going to give up any guarantee we have within our reach," he said. The party already has some 14,000 proxies, many outside party and who have registered through a page enabled for this purpose. ERC hopes to have a representative at each of more than 8,000 tables. "We will have all minutes through an application and a data center that will allow us to do a parallel count to avoid any suspicion," added Sabrià. ERC plans to spend 1.8 million on campaign


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