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The false normality, now in rally

The sovereignty starts its electoral campaign in the referendum as if nothing out seriously, except his own

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The false normality, now in rally

The sovereignty starts its electoral campaign in referendum as if nothing out seriously, except for what is yours

In world of parallel realities that have been created in Catalonia, independence you gave yesterday increased consistency, appearance of normality, to put first foot in street, that is where, in end, you will play game and things will be rare. Until now, separatists have emphasized what to go to his own, that here nothing happens, on Internet, in advertisements in TV3, on walls and buses, in metro of Barcelona. Could be raining complaints and warnings, but nothing indicated that y altered script provided. Already passed 9-N, a lot of noise, and at end y voted. Yesterday y ripped out campaign in Tarragona and appeared people made of flesh and bone. From an hour before act, at eight in evening in old plaza de toros cover of city, now called Tarraco Arena, hundreds of people of all ages lined up in a festive atmosphere. Shouted Gabriel Ruffian that was headed pimpante towards door of authorities. Were long rows in street.


  • The Prosecutor's office cites as researched to all mayors who support referendum
  • The Government urges citizens to not be part of electoral tables

it Was something strange, and will become more and more, a rally forbidden to be held anyway for a referendum illegal that we did not know if you are going to celebrate. As I said presentation of protagonist of The Fantastic Car, a man who does not exist in a world that does exist but that is fatal or has anyone seen, or something like that. The ambiguity with which it coexists in Catalonia se days in a friction laws and authorities that have many overlapping planes, like a big pie, and y are mixed in different ways according to areas, was seen perfectly in Tarraco Arena. The local delegate of Government had been told it was forbidden and that he did not rule out any action to prevent “a crime”, but at same time re you had Mossos and Guardia Urbana by cutting off streets and ensuring public order. The socialist mayor, Josep Fèlix Ballestero, is not going to leave schools for day 1, but venue is Council, most of independence movement. The margin of this mess, meanwhile people go. Yesterday some 7,500 people, and it was unthinkable that re appeared Civil Guard to do anything. And if it appears without tricornios it would be a real disappointment, because it appears in best dreams of some. The mayors of CUP are already delighted by choosing t-shirt that will be day that I stop not to be filed in office of Prosecutor.

it Has been first test, and this is only beginning. It is assumed that someone will pay for this, a fine or a process, but it will be ex post, tomorrow or past. Like State also tries to act before something occurs. The problem, and central question that anticipates 1-0, it is intervention in hot. With so many people in middle. There was dozens of volunteers with breastplates, green. Of Tarragona, in particular, to 53, according to one of m, because n organisation is in charge of National Assembly Catalan (ANC) from Barcelona. If you ask, y note difficulty of taking seriously a massive threat. Are you aware of that as particular Government forbids him to do this? “Ya, but what are y going to do? I don't know, y're not going to come here, with all people re are. It has also been my husband. There we have left children and we hope to return, isn't it?”.

In press accreditation puts “Hello Republic”. In three large posters that hang in square added, “Hello Europe” and “Hello Nou Country”. No goodbye, which is something more sad, but innocence of newcomer. Like simplicity of “Yes”, or big positive concept, that is to see that everything is easy and natural. In Brexit, lived as a trauma, no one said “Hello”, it was a farewell, a door slamming, start of an uncertain solitude. Here are promises happiness with ease.

it Was a show well organized, just failed an embarrassment sticky, with live music from a rock band, nothing pre-recorded. Asked two hours before president, Carles Puigdemont, if act would be held normally and to respond with false naivete: “Man, it is not foreseen any problem wear, so I don't know why not”. This is all normal, that is message, so go vote, why not, what costs you. His obsession is participation, almost no matter what you vote. "I have to ask you all a favor. Make an effort, bring people who do not think to go vote. If we all do effort, wave of freedom will be unstoppable," he begged Jordi Sánchez, president of ANC. As in promotions of banking and insurance to bring a friend. "It is important also to mobilize 'no', because if we do we will demonstrate that this is about democracy," said Oriol Junqueras, leader of ERC. Ahead tabarras important at family dinners.

“Votarem! Votarem!”, y were first cries of public. Then y called for resignation of mayor of tarragona, who refuses to surrender city schools. The first standing ovation, during wait, it was for greater Trapero, when its image appeared on screen. The or day went to Office to see how you were sent off this is a minor detail, because most well this seems like a game in which each one makes his own paper and at end, you are convinced, you will end up voting. This parallel reality experienced a short circuit when it appeared Puigdemont at scene: dress formally (jacket and tie, as president of all catalans, in an act subversive. Better would have been street, in plain clos, but he's confused roles. "Does anyone not believe that we will vote for? But what kind of people do you think we are?", proclaimed.

The stage was located in center of arena and, and, without a lectern, pro-independence leaders are moved by him, mic in hand. In a manner consistent with air unconcerned, presenters were two actors of tone to comedy, as in Oscar, Oriol Grau and Txe Arana. The humor disdainful is a key home of this issue, always present in speeches and propaganda. To see that nothing is going to really serious, except his own. Is taken to kidding everything about Madrid, Moncloa and judges, a magma confusing, casposo, amateurish and ridiculous. In programs satirical TV3 have fun with polls, with paper ballots, y tell jokes of pairs of Guardia Civil that stop one that has just killed his family, dismembered dog and takes a nuclear bomb, but no urn, so you say that to circulate, to circulate.

The rally gave first photo of campaign all over front of independence, also one of few until 1st of October, as re are only provided two or joint events. The rest of time, each to his own. Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras of Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and Quim Arrufat, of CUP. More divisions of nationalists of Uniò (Demòcrates) and PSC (Month), leftovers of a party broken in a scenario that is polarized to maximum. But all as if falling by its own weight, in an inevitable way, towards ir destination. “We are making rally illegal more important in history of this country!”, proclaimed Jordi Sánchez. The or, legal, already do not count.


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