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The five members of the herd appear in the Court of Seville

The early riser to comply with the precautionary measure has been Jesus Cabezuelo, who has arrived at 9.08

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The five members of the herd appear in the Court of Seville

The five members of herd have fulfilled this Monday with obligation to appear every two days in Court of Guard, one of requirements imposed by Provincial Court of Navarra to grant m bail. The most early riser has been Jesus Cabezuelo. The military, cowboys and green Polo, has arrived at 9.08 riding a motorcycle as a co-driver and has left at 9.25. José Ángel pledge has come minutes later, at 10.43, to leave only four minutes later. Dressed in a striped T-shirt and blue shorts, he was only one to show himself smiling in front of serious rictus and crestfallen of rest of condemned. The garment arrived by car but also went by motorbike.

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Apparently, y have been advised to use this type of vehicle to be able to sneak out of press. "We have been recommended to do so because y are continuously following," explained to this newspaper young man who has brought 11.38 to Ángel Boza to courts to sign.

Around courts of Prado of San Sebastián The expectation has been only media. Only as morning progressed, unusually fresh for end of June Sevillian, have been concentrating some curious attracted by television cameras. The signs of hostility have been scarce. Just some isolated cry: "Scoundrel, Rascal!", it has been heard, almost drowned by gunfire of cameras and unanswered questions of journalists.

At 12.30, after trying to avoid press entering through a door or than main, has been a person Antonio Manuel Guerrero, Guardia Civil, with white polo, blue shorts and sunglasses. About 10 minutes later, he left courthouse in a white Volkswagen Golf. At 12.45, on motorbike, Jesus Escudero, barber, has arrived. Striped shirt and brown Chinese. The last condemned man of herd, like all his former companions, has made his way through microphones of mass media with serious mien. He's gone five minutes later.

Three of members of herd were in prison of Pamplona and or two, in Alcalá-Meco. The five were in jail since July 7, 2016 and were sentenced in April to nine years ' imprisonment for continued sexual abuse of an 18-year-old girl during San Fermín festivities. In addition to appearing before a judge three days a week, y withdrew ir passport, y are forbidden to contact victim and step into community of Madrid.

The second section of Provincial Court of Navarra allowed m to leave prisons in which y were after paying a bail of 6,000 euros while resolving in Superior Tribunal of Justice Navarro remedies against ruling y have presented All parts.

Feminist groups from Seville started on social networks on Fridays a campaign to prevent establishments that offer jobs or allow members of herd to enter. The initiative is based on posters that have been distributed by several Sevillian businesses, headed with se two slogans: "In this establishment we do not serve rapists. Stopmanada. This is a safe space for women "; "Mr/Mrs. Trader: Women do not consume in establishments where rapists are served. We invite you to join our action by placing a notice at entrance. "


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