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The former president uses TV3 to vindicate his position

Puigdemont has resorted to Catalan public television to launch an "institutional" message to citizens

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The former president uses TV3 to vindicate his position
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Carles Puigdemont has not hesitated this Saturday to use machinery of Generalitat to continue claiming as president despite being formally ceased with all his government. The director has resorted to Catalan public television to launch an "institutional" message to citizens. And he got chain to present space-emitted just before midday news-as a message "President of Generalitat". Nothing and no one in chain warned that Puigdemont can no longer formally present himself as institution's active leader.

In addition to issue of space itself, it also provoked a surprise in political circles that message was reproduced throughout day, insisting that Puigdemont holds position of "President". The leader appeared in images in building of delegation of Generalitat in Girona, a town where he lives, and with a lectern that looked logo of Generalitat. It also appeared flanked by two flags, a Catalan and a European, which highlighted supposed institutional character of broadcast.

The government has transferred to TV3 its complaint for having labeled Carles Puigdemont as president of Generalitat during issuance of declarations. Precisely, Catalan autonomous chain was left out of article 155 of Constitution by accepting Popular party PSOE's amendment which discouraged m.

Also this Saturday, president of Partido Popular de Cataluña, Xavier García Albiol, has confessed that he was not in favor of maintaining current situation in TV3, so that se media can "continue to camp at ir ease". However, in an interview in Cope it has ended up relativizinging effect by remembering that, during pre-election period, media are under tutelage of Central Electoral board.

The workers and executives of TV3 have led resistance movement prior to implementation of article 155 on Generalitat. The public media of Generalitat, one of main drivers of independence to propagate ir message, have issued last few days multiple advertisements with some of ir journalists to ensure that y would not accept a state intervention.


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