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The frustration of Higuain, the pallori of Kick: the thorns of Juve, who discovers that he is fragile

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The frustration of Higuain, the pallori of Kick: the thorns of Juve, who discovers that he is fragile

BARCELONA - The bad night out of Juventus at Camp Nou, it è closed with Higuain, replaced by young rookie Caligara, has raised middle finger to fans catalans that sbeffeggiavano, but perhaps that reaction is rude, c'he entered also nervousness for a' or match of world which he has made l'nth figure lean, or frustration for that replacement humiliating. If l'Uefa decides to behave with seriousnessà, could also squalificarlo for a round, even if gestaccio è was fleeting, più hysterical that arrogant. A tonteria, would call it in Spain. Nonsense.

When you get it wrong simple things, it is impossible to win games complicated.

— Massimiliano Allegri (@OfficialAllegri) September 12, 2017 But Higuain is only one of aspects of a problem with many faces, which is reflected in fact, even in pallori international Kick or in estate of a defense objectively più weak to that of last few years: before that, from Barcelona, had collected three goals from Lazio, and even from Genoa. Toò è also true that defeat in Camp Nou può make text up to a certain point, becauseé re are matches in which Messi would make a bad figure even at eleven, Cristiano Ronaldo, and whyé no one, not even team vice-champion d'Europe, può afford to set foot in house of Barcelona without seven players, including at least three of fundamental importance ( French powerhouse, Khedira and Chiellini) and a couple more (Vidal and Cuadrado) to be almost indispensable, at least until ir reserves (De Jong, for which exams after l's injury have ruled out serious injury, and Douglas Costa) do not integrate with ir new team, admitted he will never be able to do so. In se conditions, l's failure was in 'in air, but Allegri has done well not to wave alibi that he has, preferring instead to highlight what has not worked, in particular, collapse of physical and mental after l's range, when I totally miss reaction force and capacity to resist at time of difficultyà, waiting to re-emerge in better times of game. That athletically header at top is obvious, but d' or hand, preparation è was set not as a function of a departure of a rapid but a gradual growth, and will still have about twenty days to see bianconeri at top, on condition that troubles from it'infirmary mollino grip.È forò lack of a total and serene control of situation, to worry about l'coach. It had gone così also in Super cup and yesterday, c'è was bis. In Italy, games against formations below ball, to win without even breaking a sweat, this is its superiorityà. But at this end of season, pre-season included, each time that rate of difficultyà you è lifted team has met with great difficultyà. Often, mask, Kick, in collaboration with Higuain. But in Europe, ir magic grows rarely. And things happen like those at Camp Nou stadium. Or Cardiff.


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