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The future of Cristina de Borbón and her children, linked to the penitentiary destiny of Urdangarin

The Infanta is a broken woman who tries to preserve her children from the media attention

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The future of Cristina de Borbón and her children, linked to the penitentiary destiny of Urdangarin

Cristina of Bourbon and Greece meets tomorrow Wednesday 53 years, an anniversary marked by future of her husband, who has been sentenced on Tuesday by supreme to five years and 10 months in prison. The Infanta and Iñaki Urdangarin have not been seen in public in recent weeks knowing that sentence was about to be made public. In this time of waiting couple has taken refuge in his family, especially in Urdangarin who have visited on a regular basis to whom one day he was Duke of Palma. Even several of m accompanied him to run Geneva Marathon last May 6, last time he could be photographed.

The future of family life of Urdangarin-bourbon will be, from now on, pending penitentiary destiny of Urdangarin. The date of entry into prison and possible appeal before Constitutional Court shall establish timetable to be followed.

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The princess will come down, on one hand, stay in Geneva where she works for a foundation of Agha Khan-great friend of King Juan Carlos-and where y study ir younger children and, on or, settle in Portugal where re is anor seat of ir current employment and be thus closer to Spain. This option would be more feasible if Urdangarin enters a prison in Extremadura. The or possibility is that you go to a prison in Avila. The King's younger sister has also contemplated returning to Madrid but it does not seem that capital is a place where her children can stay safe from media attention.

Cristina de Borbóm was educated as daughter of Kings in strictest protocol of real houses that prevents its members to show in public ir feelings. That containment has allowed him to keep appearances since in 2010 began instruction of case Nóos. An example: On February 8, 2014 when he went to testify for first time to Judge Castro in a court in Palma de Mallorca got out of car with a big smile and gave hand to anyone who found himself on road , uniformed policemen included. Everyone was surprised by so much affability. And it is that daughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía adopted a protocol attitude to face one of hardest days of her life. This same tactic followed it time later during trial and on counted occasions in which it has been seen in public, once it was separated from official life of King's family.

But behind scenes Cristina de Borbón is a broken woman and a mor worried about collateral damage suffered by her four children Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene, some children when Iñaki Urdangarin was imputed, now teenagers aware of problems of his Far with Justice.

This effort to protect his family led Iñaki Urdangarin and Infanta Cristina to settle in Geneva after an attempt to resume ir lives in Barcelona. They arrived at ir house in Pedralbes after initial exile in Washington trying to recover ir roots but soon y realized that firewall that Zarzuela's palace had put around him made it impossible. Also, some or incident in school of ir children and tennis club where y went to receive classes convinced marriage that it was best to seek refuge in neutral Geneva.

While he was head of state, Don Juan Carlos kept away from his youngest daughter but did not neglect his grandchildren to whom he still pays for his studies. He also moved threads for his friend at Agha Khan to hire Cristina in one of his foundations in Geneva. The salary that Infanta earns is only one that technically enters home of Urdangarin. In se years of Swiss exile, marriage has lived alone with its four children. Now and n y have received visits from family members and a handful of loyal friends. His footsteps have been followed by a group of paparazzi, installed at doors of his house, a rented apartment in center of city. Urdangarin has been seen almost always mounted on his bike but his mouth has not come a word during wait until final sentence. The degree of tension lived alone has been reflected from outside in weight loss and gray hair. In case of king's sister degree of affectation has been greater. Discouragement has caused her to fear for her health and has required medical help.

All people consulted in ir closest circle say y are "devastated" and some talk about depression. The Infanta is a woman of strong character and convictions. From first minute he has closed ranks with her husband in an attitude that scratches stubbornness. She has never admitted that her husband had misbehaved when doing business with Diego Torres. So he has unheard all advice his family has given him. That's why he also cut all ties with Zarzuela consultants. He confronted his bror who dispossessed her from title of Duchess of Palma and refuses to renounce her dynastic rights.

But princess's state of mind is very concerned with her family. So Don Juan Carlos decided to accompany last January to Geneva to Doña Sofía on day of 50 birthday of Iñaki Urdangarin. Since Nóos case erupted, royal family makes balances in wire to reconcile obligations that Crown carries with ir feelings. It was last seen only a few weeks ago when Doña Cristina attended funeral Mass in memory of his grandfar count of Barcelona on 25th anniversary of his death. He arrived at El Escorial accompanied by his cousin Alexia of Greece and was placed in a bank located at such a distance that prevented photographers to capture an image in which y appeared at one end and Kings in anor.

In any case Infanta's intention is that ir children be as protected as possible. That's why she's going to travel to jail to visit her husband. That will be his conviction.


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