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The game against child poverty in summer will pass from 5 to 10 million

The executive doubled the budget as a shock measure

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The game against child poverty in summer will pass from 5 to 10 million

The fight against child poverty is one of objectives that Pedro Sanchez marked and announced that he was elected President of Government. The spokesman of government, Isabel Celaá, announced this Friday after Council of Ministers approval of a plan of shock against this scourge so that thousands of children who live in situation of severe poverty in Spain (1.3 million according to Save children) have Guaranteed food and leisure during summer. The government plans to allocate 10 million to plan, doubling existing budget so far.

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The Government's Child poverty plan will offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners in children's canteens to end "dramatic effects" that vacation period has on children between 4 and 6 years of families without resources, explained spokesperson. "After summer re are children between 4 and 6 years old who come to school losing up to 4 kilos of weight," underlined Celaá. "We cannot allow children's rights to be so unprotected."

The plan also includes extracurricular activities for adolescents between ages of 12 and 16 who "have not had opportunity to go on vacation." To give it utmost relevance President of Government decided that everything related to this matter depended on presidency with creation with a High Commissioner against Child Poverty and on whose front will be María Luisa Carcedo. In addition to NGO data, Government has studied a report highlighting that population under 16 years of age is group with highest risk of poverty.

The situation at risk of poverty determines deficiencies of households, measured in 9 indicators, according to this study. While more than half of population (53%) recognizes that re is no lack in any of 9 indicators, 5.1% are in a situation of severe material deprivation. In this population group, almost 100% (98.8%) cannot go on vacation for at least 1 week and cannot afford unforeseen expenses (98.5%). The percentage in case of minors rises to 6.1%, approximately 400,000 minors.

A great Mediterranean corridor is born

Celaá has also communicated approval of a royal decree declaring as a protected area so-called corridor of migration of cetaceans of Mediterranean, vetoing activities related to extraction of hydrocarbons in area, and repeal of Royal decree for merger of Teatro Real and Teatro de la Zarzuela, approved by government of Mariano Rajoy last April.

The Council of Ministers also approved this Friday appointment of chief Prosecutor of Provincial prosecutor's Office of Seville, María José Segarra, as new state prosecutor, with endorsements of General Council of Judiciary and Congress of Deputies.

In absence of Pedro Sánchez, who is still in Brussels, vice-President of Government and Minister of presidency and equality, Carmen Calvo, was in charge of presiding for first time Council of Ministers and Ministers, third to celebrate new executive. The Council is taking place in midst of an increase in tension with press, while respite of RTVE is complicated and with news of European Union's commitment to voluntarily create immigrant centres.


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