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The government alone would brake the 155 if Puigdemont completely rectified

The Catalan president is required to return to Catalonia to the legality and renounce to take the parliament the DUI

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The government alone would brake the 155 if Puigdemont completely rectified

The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, is still five or six days, depending on when he finally appears in Senate, to stop article 155 of Constitution that seeks to return to constitutional and statutory legality. If nothing changes, he and his entire government will be ceased next Saturday as listed in Official State Gazette. In government sources it is recognized that it can stop it if in its appearance it promises not to declare independence and to stop any glimpses of reactivating or to continue with law of Transience which has been suspended by Constitutional Court.

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Today nothing suggests that re are changes so government will go ahead although formal process is already in Senate where PP has absolute majority. The unit of criterion is maintained between executive and party leading by Pedro Sánchez despite fact that some PSC leaders express ir disagreement with application of article 155 of Constitution.

There is no data to calibrate what president of Generalitat will do, but it does advance that " Senate has capacity to adapt to what Puigdemont and Parlament do", said yesterday Vice-President of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in more than one wave Zero. The question of what Puigdemont can do, should he want to disable machinery of state that will lead to his replacement and that of his entire government, is reiterated since last Saturday.

The procedure in Senate, step by step

Tuesday 24. The Joint Commission on 155 is constituted, involving only senators who were already integrated in Constitutional Commission or in general of Autonomous Communities. Your work will be carried out under special conditions. For example, schedule of camera registration may be modified to facilitate processing.

Thursday 26th. At 12.00, according to initial work plan, members of Commission's presentation will meet to formulate ir proposal on Government's request. At 17.00, 27 senators from Commission will meet to discuss and vote on that proposal. Carles Puigdemont will have option to present his allegations that afternoon: in person, through a spokesperson or by sending a letter.

Friday 27th. Until 9.30 a.m. It is possible to present particular votes to that resolution. Pío García-Escudero, presidnte of Senate, will have exclusive competence to qualify m. At 10.00 begins plenary of Senate, where Puigdemont also has opportunity to appear if he has not done it on Thursday.

Saturday 28th. The government is studying to bring Council of Ministers toger — if it has not already done so on Friday — to approve removal of Carles Puigdemont and rest of his government.

There is no clear answer in government to have President Carles Puigdemont key to disable 155. It does advance what will not be useful to slow down process in progress. Just by convening elections will not be enough, much less. The president of Generalitat has room to convene elections, until his cessation appears in BOE, as asked by PSOE, PSC and Commons. However, if, at same time, this week in plenary, President of Generalitat declares independence of Catalonia and puts it to vote of members-and even if it is limited to a symbolic declaration, without a vote-it will not be looked at or side. This call will be of no avail if at same time it continues to give unequivocal steps that it does not return to constitutional and statutory legality, y point out in governmental sources. Only a rectification in any rule can make Senate study it, "and application is modulated" of 155, point in government sources.

This modulation or adaptation is in hands of Generalitat, indicate consulted government interlocutors. The position of Moncloa has hardened with respect to messages emitted weeks ago, when it aspired to Puigdemont to convene elections and ignored "rhetorical" statements it could make.

In a tougher position is also PSOE, which requires Puigdemont to "return to legality" if it wants to slow down process in progress and to avoid any type of unilateral declaration of independence, even if it is purely symbolic. "A unilateral declaration of independence is unacceptable." Neir light, nor soft, neir verbal nor written can serve to return to legality, "said yesterday spokesman of executive, Óscar Puente.

The Socialists require at this point that that return to constitutional order of Puigdemont does not have folds. The will to return to law must be "unequivocal". Thus, "if Puigdemont calls elections and constituent flames manifest a will to continue in illegality." "That does not work," he specified n bridge in conversation with country. "We are not going to backtrack if re is no unequivocal will." "We're not going to accept octopus as a pet," added. The PSOE has made a decision, that of supporting 155 to restore constitutional order in Catalonia, and it will take "to last consequences", although Consensuará always with government actions according to scenarios presented.

The Senate's procedure does not imply cessation of Govern-

That plenary of Senate of Friday approve measures proposed by Government for Catalonia will not imply immediate removal of Carles Puigdemont and rest of Govern. For that to happen, official state bulletin has to give an account of outcome of vote in house. Only n can Council of Ministers meet to approve cessations.

Although executive is studying to convene that meeting immediately after Senate vote, appointment is not scheduled. As soon, it will be Friday afternoon, after resorting to a special electronic edition of BOE, but nothing prevents Mariano Rajoy from delaying call. In any case, government sees no reason at this time to delay a decision that is already taken.

"The procedure is unpublished and not exactly regulated," y admitted legal sources of government, "but we understand that it should not be enough to publish what is approved by Senate." "We are betting on a meeting of Council of Ministers."

After publication of measures in BOE it is necessary to appeal to constitutional by invasion of competitions, according to Andrés Betancor, professor of administrative law. And in decision to cease to Puigdemont and rest of his counselors will be recourse to contentious-administrative route in supreme. The various professors of constitutional law consulted do not have a unanimous position on wher a group of at least 50 deputies can appeal to Government's proposal to constitutional, since that option is provided for laws and not for agreements. /JUAN JOSÉ MATEO


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