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The government does not close the door to an electoral advancement

Celaá ensures that no one will resist more than reasonable and appeals a legitimate president of the Generalitat to continue the path of dialogue

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The government does not close the door to an electoral advancement

The radicalization of PDeCAT, key in motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy, and veto of PP to new deficit, which would force an additional adjustment of 3.5 billion, complicate situation to minority government of Pedro Sánchez. However, his spokesman, Isabel Celaá, has assured this Tuesday that "no one is thinking of advancing elections" general, but has not closed door because "no one will resist beyond reasonable." "It would be absurd," said Minister of Education in an informative breakfast organized by New Economy Forum when asked about possibility of going to polls in face of complexity that government can have to guarantee stability.

Specifically, government spokesman has been asked if refusal of new leader of PP, Pablo Casado, to support roof of spending and new path of deficit, as well as turn of PDeCAT to have Expresident Carles Puigdemont The total control of this party , could make executive think of an electoral advance for lack of stability. Celaá has emphasized that call for elections is a power of president of Government. "No one is thinking of advancing elections, although no one will resist beyond reason," he emphasized. It has made sure that government respects internal processes of any party and its results.

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It has specifically referred to situation in Catalonia to highlight that legitimate Catalan president resides in Palau de la Generalitat and not outside Spain, in reference to Puigdemont, and hopes that Government will act like executive of Pedro Sanchez in favor of Diál Ogo to solve political crisis in Catalonia.

After ratifying Government's intention to follow this path, it has appealed to responsibility of President, Mrs. Corner, to be reciprocal with it and not to be "overlooked" in crisis. Celaá has recalled that Sanchez has already exposed some of his proposals "legitimate, reasonable and viable" in Congress to solve problem and has asked that no one strive in or "unviable" proposals that he has assured that y know that y do not carry anywhere. In asking if government ruled out reapply article 155 of Constitution in Catalonia has been limited to point out that this is "a future" in which he was not going to enter.

On or hand, and at request of Minister of External Action of Generalitat, Ernest Maragall, that in bilateral commission of next week we can talk about situation of independence prisoners and right to self-determination, said that no You know agenda for meeting.

He has considered, however, that one party will raise what it deems appropriate and or will answer what it sees coming. It has also referred to possibility that Congress will create a commission of inquiry into case of Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein to remember that tomorrow director of National Intelligence Center will appear for this matter at Congress of Deputies ( CNI), Félix Sanz Roldán, and that parliamentary groups, including socialist, will decide how y act according to ir words.

In asking if president of government, Pedro Sánchez, has spoken about this matter with king, he has just pointed out that chief executive speaks with Philip VI "quite normally" about matters y consider pertinent. At end of event and in statements to journalists, government spokesman has not given details on plans of executive for exhumation of Francisco Franco of valley of Fallen. "The government will tell when it occurs," he has settled.

Celaá has also referred to master of new PP president, Pablo Casado, and has opined that it is up to him and university Rey Juan Carlos to show that titles he claims to possess and that are "in question" are true. "We are waiting", explained Celaá this Tuesday after judge of master case has required two teachers of master who was married to contribute work for which he was assessed 20 credits.

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