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The Government intervenes all the payments of essential services, and payrolls of the government

Montoro will pay directly for basic services and salaries and gives 48 hours to the Government to freeze all the other games

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The Government intervenes all the payments of essential services, and payrolls of the government

Montoro will pay directly for basic services and salaries and gives 48 hours to Government to freeze all or items

The Executive shall be responsible for payment of essential services and payroll of government from moment that order comes out published in Official Bulletin of State. In addition, he has given 48 hours deadline to president Catalan, Carles Puigdemont, to approve an agreement of non-availability to ensure that not a single euro of budget is intended for referendum illegal from 1 October. In any case, according to clarified sources at Ministry of Finance, State will assume all payments of government of essential services, and payroll. 

An agreement of non-availability implies that items affected may not be spent. So Government wants government to approve this agreement on "all items not related to public services", as explained by minister of Finance, Cristobal Montoro. "I should clarify that essential services are health, education, social services, and payroll", he added. "If Generalitat does not adopt this agreement are not available, minister shall adopt in its replacement," said Montoro. That would mean that we will not pay bills of those chapters. In any case, Treasury will pay from now on basic services and payrolls by 1,400 million per month of regional finances that tend to be delivered to government. This money will give to government. The rest of disbursements will be frozen. You can only spend it with an explicit authorization of State. And government only will have ir own income, about 250 million per month. 


  • Puigdemont and Colau y ask for a letter to Rajoy and King, to agree on referendum
  • The Government only talk with Puigdemont of legal channels and constitutional

The Generalitat have 48 hours calendar from publication of agreement of Council of Ministers of central Government to approve that freezing of items non-essential.

The minister Montoro has been defined as "novel" this system of control payments which, as announced, will explain next week in an appearance at his own request in Congress. According to figure in reference of Council of Ministers, " Agreement of Commission Delegate is to be sent to credit institutions with purpose of ir offices to avoid collaborating with activities of referendum illegal, as y already do in front of or possible criminal activities such as money laundering. This way, if se entities detect any payment or transfer connected with referendum of October 1, shall notify Attorney general. In addition, from entry into force of this order, any payment of Generalitat must be accompanied by a certificate from comptroller General stating that same is not related to this illegal process".

"we are Not replacing skills, but ensuring that payments do not go to any illegal activity," remarked Montoro, who has been convinced that Catalan government will end up fulfilling requirement of central Government. Not to do so, State shall approve agreement of availability. In any case, Treasury will be left with direct control of all expenditures related to basic services, and payroll. The auditors of Generalitat would have to send payment orders to Treasury, and this, in turn, verify, n, would direct payment to account of system of regional finances. 

Montoro has explained that State would pay "directly for a good part of payroll" and that this measure of control payments" shall be extended "for duration of" "state of exception" that has caused leaders of government while it can "continue to refuse to comply with law."

"We guarantee that all world will charge in period and it will be done in function of security of State", said minister of Finance to "uncertainty" that are generating political decisions of government on referendum.

The Government maintains rule that he will act with “caution and proportionality”, so that it will not act directly to prevent public acts of independence, in favour of referendum, which claim to celebrate 1st of October. “The Government does not prevent acts”, said spokesperson of Government, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo after Council of Ministers. The opening act of campaign for referendum held previous day in Tarragona was spent with normal and has required Government spokesman to know if this will be general tone for hundreds of acts that are scheduled until 1 of October. “Democracy has its procedures and for what I ask it corresponds to office of prosecutor and police,” he responded. Yes it will, but not with dispatch of security forces to prevent entry into actions when re are already hundreds of people in its doors. The sources consulted, y put spotlight on owners or managers of venues where you are going to produce acts to let m know that you are helping to celebrate an act for a purpose that is illegal, which is referendum.

As Government “only wants to talk of a referendum yes or referendum will not”, spokesman of Government has already categorically rejected request of Puigdemont of “dialogue” with Government in a letter published by media, that Government claims not to have received. But on background, nothing to talk about. “The president of Government may not discuss right of secession does not exist”, has tried to settle Méndez de Vigo.

se measures that Ministry of Finance has taken to “control spending” of government, once Catalan authorities have announced that y will no longer give accounts as required by law of Budget Stability, report to minister, Cristobal Montoro, next week in Congress. This initiative already has knowledge secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez and president of Citizens. Albert Rivera. He has informed president of Government.


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