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The Government proposes to reform the Penal code so that it primes the consent in sexual offences

Calvo points to a reform similar to that of Sweden if a woman does not say yes expressly, everything else is not

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The Government proposes to reform the Penal code so that it primes the consent in sexual offences

The Vice-President of Government and Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, has proposed on Tuesday a reform of Penal Code and of Criminal Procedure Law to ensure that criminal types of sexual aggression do not depend on interpretation of judges . He said it in his appearance in Committee on Equality of Congress of Deputies, during which he proposed "as a substantive motto" The maxim of "If a woman does not say ' yes ' expressly, everything else is ' no '.

His proposal for change, of which he has not offered furr details, would be a reform in line with that adopted by Swedish Parliament, which in May passed a law whereby any sexual act without express consent is considered a violation. In Great Britain, Belgium, Iceland and Germany is also case.

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"There [in single ' Yes ' is a ' yes '] is where his autonomy, his freedom and respect for his person and his sexuality is preserved," he defended Calvo. According to vice president of government, following controversial sentence of herd, it is necessary to improve "some circumstances" of law of Criminal Procedure, something that executive will do through incorporation of a group of feminist jurists "Avezadas in Gender-based violence "in order to undertake" a solvent review ". The Ministry of Justice recently postponed to November report that previous cutbacks asked Commission of Jurists to review sexual offences.

Women also have "right as citizens, in a democratic country, to say and propose reforms" that are favorable to m in compliance with ir "demands and security", according to Vice-President. And also because "we cannot go back through any space where, through interpretation, it is understood that what is a serious crime" against women, is not considered as such.

In addition, he said that "with due respect to Fiscal Ministry", government is "reflecting" on how to better accompany women victims in ir defenses, due to "invents sophisticated" situations that sometimes face victims since y They are until y can have a fair and restitutoria judgment of rights that have been run over m.

In addition, Calvo has assured that executive wants to initiate legislative changes necessary to return competencies of policies of equality and against violence of gender to city councils, while it has announced that it will make "an effort "To combat macho violence, without specifying amounts.

Almost a year ago, last September, previous government approved a state pact against gender-based violence, which provides for 211 measures and 200 million euros annually to combat macho violence and stop murders. He also said that at end of July communities will meet to "receive autonomous lines of work related to pact."

The Equal Minister of equality has started her first appearance in Congress on equality recalling 21 murdered by her partners or former couple, among whom re are women who asked for help and had "a protection that has failed." From now on, government will count victims since official statistics, not per year. Since 2003, y are 945 murdered.

It has also announced that it has commissioned a report to Royal Spanish Academy of Language, RAE, to address what changes are needed in constitution to contain an "inclusive" language that also contemplates women. It is intended to have report ready to include changes when addressing a reform of Magna Carta.


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