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The government warns that it will go to the polls if its allies tighten the rope more

The warning is addressed to all in general and, in particular, to Catalan nationalists in case their intention is to make any agreement on the right to decide in Catalonia conditional.

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The government warns that it will go to the polls if its allies tighten the rope more

Everyone must be responsible for ir actions before mselves and before citizens. This is maxim with which government is going to guide and warns parties that supported Pedro Sanchez to arrive at Moncloa. This warning is addressed to all in general and, in particular, to Catalan nationalists in case ir intention is to make any agreement with government conditional on right to decide in Catalonia. The executive wants to prolong legislature as much as possible but will dissolve courts if lawsuits are impossible.

There was a certain stir this Tuesday to hear from Minister spokesman, Isabel Celaá, point out naturally that if opposition puts things so difficult that Government can not approve measures of its political project, maintenance of legislature does not It'll make sense. "The government will not resist beyond reasonable," said education holder in New Economy forum, not without first pointing out that forecast was not a prompt call for elections.

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The context was conducive to formulating questions in that line after announcement of a possible hardening of demands of PDeCAT after ir Congress of weekend, although in last few hours re have been nuances.

The apparent weakness of Government with 84 members of its own, and to depend absolutely on United we can and of nationalist groups, has inherently coupled possibility that Pedro Sanchez can convene elections at any time. And he will, y point to government sources. Although he is willing to make assignments and take some measures that if he had a majority would not contemplate m, re are lines that will not pass, although this leads him to convene elections much sooner than he would like.

There will be No transfers on territorial unit, emphasize se sources. The announcements of this Tuesday were clear, both by Minister spokesman, and by external holder, Josep Borrell. "Nothing more important to a state than its territorial integrity. The duration of a legislature cannot be put in balance plate in face of loss of territorial integrity of a State. There we could reach, "said Borrell in an appearance by minister with his Portuguese counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva. The Spanish minister said he did not have slightest idea of plans of former president Carles Puigdemont, Efe reported. But he did say he knew that "first indeclinable goal" of any government and is to preserve unity of country.

Who wants elections

With this Declaration of Principles, parties already know what to expect in relation to ir demands although, in fact, nothing can succeed in government if y do not join votes of who took Sanchez to Moncloa.

Between this Wednesday and Friday it will be appreciated if eventual hardening of eight deputies of PDeCAT begins by vote of journalist Rosa Maria Artal as sole administrator of RTVE. Now reasons for opposition are difficult to justify, since development of law has been put in place, which will lead to choice of Council of RTVE and its President within a period of no more than three months. The adoption of deficit path to alleviate autonomous Communities is anor of measures which, if y do not support it, should explain it to citizens of all communities, including Catalonia, point out government interlocutors.

To se immediate matters is added anor of special discomfort to government because it affects monarchy. Less PSOE, PP and citizens, rest of parties want to create a commission of inquiry into finances of Juan Carlos I after revelation of talks between his friend Corinna Larsen and Commissioner Villarejo, currently in prison. The government is waiting to see where pressure comes from and in what subjects. At moment, executive only sees citizens who are truly interested in elections being immediately. Since Government is reminded that polls are now favorable.

Rivera calls for immediate elections

Spain needs a strong government and this is not case of one represented by Pedro Sánchez. This is sis of President of citizens, Albert Rivera. "You have to go to polls now and not maintain a agonizing legislature," Rivera said in Antena 3. He was very critical of policy of "appeasement" attributed to Sánchez with nationalists. He accused him of "breaking Constitutional bloc" by placing his party and PP as "adversaries."

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