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The Government warns the head of the Tarraco Arena to celebrate the rally can be a crime

The director of the Catalan Interior, “I Hope not to ask for the Mossos to prevent the start of campaign”

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The Government warns the head of the Tarraco Arena to celebrate the rally can be a crime

The counselor of Catalan Interior, “I Hope not to ask for Mossos to prevent boot”campaign


  • The Prosecutor's office cites as researched to all mayors who support referendum
  • The Government sent letters to 55,000 citizens to form electoral tables

The Government of Mariano Rajoy has warned head of Tarraco Arena plaza de toros de Tarragona  where is held this afternoon in act of start of electoral campaign in referendum of October 1, which can be a criminal offence to allow completion of rally and refore may lead to criminal consequences. In act it is expected that involving president of Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, vice president, Oriol Junqueras, and rest of pro-independence leaders.

The Government Delegation in Catalonia, directed by Enric Millo, and is transmitted to responsible of atres and premises where it is planned to perform acts polling self by Constitutional Court suspended referendum law approved by Parliament so that y are aware of that is not covered in law. On act of this night, Millet have been assured that does not rule out any action because "all of initiatives intended to commit a crime" must be "a proportionate response". However, government sources say that does not prevent conclusion of event and performances will be afterwards.

The local delegate of Government in Tarragona already informed him that position on Wednesday to head of plaza, Provincial council of Tarragona. In same way, local delegate in Barcelona did same with Badalona town Council to be planning to hold anor event at a municipal atre. The mayor of Badalona, Dolors Sabater, has reported this morning that local delegate pressured an official of institution, reports Guillem Andrés.

Sabater has assured this Thursday that still “has not arisen” if you will go to testify before Prosecutor for supporting referendum illegal. Sabater has been said that has not yet received notification of State Attorney General's office. The mayor of Guanyem Badalona city council, formed by Can and CUP, it has accused Spanish Government of “scare” to Catalan society to “break high level of coexistence” that, in its view, re are in city environment to referendum of 1 - O.

The decision of a judge in Madrid to prohibit a political act in favor of right to decide had generated concern in pro-independence leaders fear that could prevent rally which is expected to assist thousands of people. The minister of Interior, Joaquim Forn, has expressed this morning his desire that justice does not decide today to send to Mossos d'esquadra to "prevent" act of unit and start of "campaign for a 'yes'". The director himself has announced that he will attend.

it Also believes that Mossos d'esquadra "save" also have to stop any mayor catalán to testify as investigated for collaborating in celebration of referendum of 1-Or, suspended by Constitutional Court, because "we will look for a quiet way," he added. In a statement to Rac1, Forn has referred as well to mayors of CUP, have announced that it would not respect order of Attorney General of State. "I Think that this will save us assumption that Mossos have to stop mayors. Most have said that y will declare it and those who do not already seek a quiet way," said Forn. The Interior minister has said that he does not understand " interest of putting Mossos in spotlight. There are people -he added - to which she didn't like role and merits and compliments I have received Mossos by management of attacks". 

"The priority of Mossos is to pursue terrorists and this is why we have human and material resources", he noted Forn that has added that "it is true that re is more presence of Guardia Civil and National Police. Are moving throughout territory. Should be looking to ballot boxes."


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