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The Guardia Civil implies Marta Rovira in the organization of the referendum

Documents, witnesses and phone calls place ERC number two at the epicenter of the Procés

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The Guardia Civil implies Marta Rovira in the organization of the referendum

Oriol Junqueras noted her as a candidate to preside over Generalitat: "It is time in this country for a woman to be in forefront," said Catalan vice-president on Marta Rovira, general Secretary of Republic of Catalonia (ERC). Although he is head of list for 21-D elections, his personal situation can lead him to give witness to his number two. Among or virtues, Rovira has advantage of being out of judicial radar. or had it. In its last reports, Guardia Civil puts it at epicenter of independence process and also gives it a key role in organization of October 1 referendum.

Both Rovira and leader of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, had been expressly excluded from executive decisions related to 1-O.La investigation of Civil guard on preparations for referendum, however, demonstrates that it had a decisive role . Rovira was part of so-called "Strategic Committee" to address independence, as stated in documents seized by order of a judge from Barcelona. He also participated in meetings and coordinated contacts on preparations for illegal referendum, equally revealing intervened telephone conversations and witness statements.

The Guardia Civil has referred Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena a report analyzing role of Rovira in independence process. The magistrate now values contents of that report and weighs to quote Rovira as investigated, as Cadena Ser has advanced. In assuming case against members of Catalan government, Llarena already opened door to imputation of new managers of executive or independence parties that helped to carry out referendum.

The three signs

The EnfoCATs document, seized by agents, implies that Rovira was in core of decisions about process. Under title "Refocusing independence process for a successful outcome." "Strategic proposal", project was committed to creating a state of its own through dialogue and, if not possible, by means of "disconnection" with state. That project, in any case, set two committees: an executive and a strategic one. The "strategic" committee was formed by n president, Carles Puigdemont, former vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, leaders of ANC and Òmnium and spokespersons of parliamentary groups. Rovira exercised not only as a general secretary of ERC, but also as a parliamentary spokesman for Junts PEL Yes.

Two witnesses, entrepreneur Vicent Nos and employee, also have shed light on role of Rovira. Both were contacted by Generalitat to devise a computer system that allowed to vote with guarantees on October 1. In his statement to Guardia Civil, y explained that y participated in a meeting, on August 16th, at Palacio de Pedralbes. Postagea, in particular, explained that meeting was attended by Puigdemont, Junqueras and Marta Rovira, as well as 15 or people who could not identify. According to his story, secretary general of ERC asked wher Catalans abroad could vote.

The telephone conversations, finally, also show Rovira's involvement in development of referendum. The Treasury secretary, Lluís Salvadó, had phone tapped, as were or senior government officials. The Guardia Civil has reflected a call from Rovira to Salvadó, in which number two of ERC is calling for a brief encounter with her. "I just wanted to explain a conversation I had with Cuixart," says Rovira in allusion to president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, imprisoned for sedition.


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