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The hypothesis that elections stop the 155 tense the pact PP-PSOE

The executive is not enough that Puigdemont summon elections to paralyze intervention in Catalonia

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The hypothesis that elections stop the 155 tense the pact PP-PSOE

The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has not spoken about his forthcoming political intentions, although it is known that he will do so in Parlament and possibly in Senate before end of week. Until n, pressures to make use of its powers and convene autonomous elections do not stop growing.

It only has until Friday night since, if nothing changes, Senate will vote that day its removal and that of all its government, along with rest of measures that executive of Rajoy has referred to Senate in document that develops article 155 of Constitution. In that context, PSOE and PSC urged him to convene elections because this would only prevent application of that article. Given this possibility, central government has responded immediately with warnings that it will not at all accept a new clean slate.

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Why not? This is question that Socialists ask. As long as re is no declaration of independence and call is made in accordance with legality, application of 155 should be curbed.

Once constitutional mechanism has been launched, Government believes that it must move forward. "With a call for elections in Catalonia, things are not fixed, but it should be accompanied by Puigdemont to materialize if it declared independence before plenary of Parlament and if it abides by laws and Constitution," yesterday replied Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá. President Puigdemont "has had many opportunities" to rectify, added head of justice.

In this same line was expressed parliamentary spokesman of Popular group, Rafael Hernando, and vice secretary of communication of PP, Pablo Casado. In Government and in People's Party, a special interest was observed that this interest in a possible call for elections of hand of Puigdemont will not continue to grow. In se hours prior to decisions and announcements of head of Catalan government, it is not credible from central executive that president convened elections without a declaration of independence.

But it can happen and if so, situation must be reconsidered, but also skepticism reigns in PSOE. There are no political or legal reasons to apply 155 if re is an electoral call in constitutional framework and re is no declaration of independence. This message was first transferred yesterday by parliamentary spokesman, Margarita Robles, and later reiterated by Socialist General deputy, Adriana Lastra. In PSC petition for Puigdemont is almost a cry: The first Secretary, Miquel Iceta, accompanies it with a proposal of a state pact for Catalonia, while former president of Generalitat José Montilla urged Catalan president, at headquarters of Parlament where The senators appointed by Autonomous chamber were summoned, "for patriotism and to defend self-government" convene elections and avoid 155. But re are conditions. Miquel Iceta, at a conference at XXI Century Club in Madrid, said that if Puigdemont calls "constituent elections re will be no return to legality," reports Jordi Pérez Colomé.

Loyal to Covenant

The PSOE's leadership does not advance, however, if it would withdraw its support to Government of Rajoy in case Puigdemont convenes elections before Friday and executive goes ahead with 155. Sources close to Secretary-General assured country that pact with PP "is not a swallow", and that if government changes objective of 155 agreed with PSOE, it should explain and Socialists will study it. But y do not want to open yet discrepancies with government and it is emphasized that PSOE is being loyal in its pact to support 155 and analyze scenario on stage.

It is government, y insist se sources, who has changed of criterion and not PSOE. Everything that has happened cannot be overlooked and, according to Rafael Hernando, President Puigdemont must "assume annulment of laws of referendum and transience by Constitutional Court".


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