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The independence parties maintain the ' procés ' but without specific deadlines

ERC and JuntsxCat bet on dialogue with the State to build the Catalan Republic

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The independence parties maintain the ' procés ' but without specific deadlines

After five years of Procés, independence parties want to prolong that dynamic after 21-D elections. But unlike 2015 elections, neir Junts per Catalunya (JuntsxCat) nor ERC specify how y will do it. The two formations, which in se elections are struggling to become hegemonic force of sovereignty, coincide in ir plans to "build a Catalan republic", but without fixing deadlines or referring to unilateral way. The CUP crossed programs of "autonomist" yesterday precisely because of that ambiguity.

The expresident and candidate of JuntsxCat, Carles Puigdemont, has been accusing from Brussels to state of wanting to "avenge" to fulfill program with which he was elected chief of Catalan executive in 2016. In campaign of 27-S, coalition of Junts PEL Yes, formed by old Convergència and choice, was set a maximum period of 18 months to celebrate a constituent elections of a new Catalan state after a solemn declaration of Parlament. The agreements reached with CUP involved modifying that roadmap, which incorporated celebration of illegal referendum on October 1. The management of Declaration of Republic last October ended up breaking unity that had exhibited independence.

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The sovereigntists parties do not want to give for dead procés, but realization that independence is unviable by unilateral way and that will not be recognized by any country has changed strategy of ERC and JuntsxCat. Both parties set a priority to end of application of article 155. The number 6 by Barcelona of Puigdemont party, Josep Rull, summed up yesterday main objectives of campaign: "Freedom, amnesty, dignity and democratic normalcy". From re, two parties want to continue "building" "Catalan Republic", but without a roadmap or deadlines.

In ir electoral programs, two formations offer something that could be understood as a procés but within law. It will, for example, speak of "fostering a great country dialogue" that expands independence base to "make Catalan Republic a reality". The Republicans ensure that y work to "make effective recognition of right to self-determination" on October 1. However, y accept that this exercise can only be achieved through "bilateral negotiation".

ERC understands that this pact, to which State and European institutions are located, must be negotiated on an equal footing and "without any prior resignation from Parlament and government". Marta Rovira, number two of candidacy for Barcelona, insisted yesterday that "always, always, always" his party has defended way of dialogue and accused government of PP of not wanting to sit at table. "The way of dialogue does not imply giving up any political objective," Rovira added.

The JUNTSXCAT program also proposes "to build Catalan Republic" and reaffirms itself in "right to self-determination". However, it does not set any timetable or any plan for it, beyond "opening a dialogue with Spanish State" after obtaining "restitution" of Puigdemont in presidency of Generalitat and achieving "reversal" of "causes" of directors ceased and The leaders of sovereigntists entities.

The head of campaign of JuntsxCat and Number 10 by Barcelona, Elsa Artadi, said that if independence gains on December 21 will have "more power of negotiation". Although it insisted that its will is "to implement" results of 27-S and of October 1, Artadi did not materialize what content of state dialogue would be. "Will Catalan people," he said. He also did not want to refer to possibility of retaking unilateral route and merely accusing state of acting in that way when applying article 155 of Constitution.

The position of PDeCAT

That is formula used by Puigdemont in an interview with TV-3 to refer to following steps that an independent executive could give. Then, former president did not rule out using unilateral way to continue process, although he remained ambiguous about it. The training is aware that part of electorate and PDeCAT itself wants to take no furr steps to jeopardize social and economic stability of Catalonia. The party's general coordinator, Marta Pascal, recalled on Sunday that "big decisions" of future JuntsxCat parliamentary Group will be adopted within PDeCAT and warned: "We are not going to give more steps if we are not more people and we do not assume that by imposing deadlines" "We have punished ourselves."

The Economist and Exadvisor Andreu Mas-Colell, one of people with highest in party, recently warned in an article in newspaper Ara that independence parties should be explicit in ir electoral programs on wher y thought Reimposing deadlines or unilateral actions, since re is a risk that most moderate nationalist voters decide to stay at home on 21-D. and less when ERC and JuntsxCat can get caught in CUP again.

At moment, independence has failed in its attempt to agree and include common points in its electoral programs. While both CUP and ERC and Junts PEL do advocate for freedom of exadvisors and independence leaders who are in pre-trial detention and for ending implementation of article 155, y fail to reach agreement on point of national future of Catalonia. The anticapitalists do not renounce unilateral way and see in rupture without palliatives only way out, while ERC believes that "it is necessary to become a republic" — which is not far from "governing" — and priority for JuntsxCat is to "restore" figure of Puigdemont.

The Exadvisors Rull, Turull and Mundó enter campaign

Jordi Turull and Josep Rull, numbers four and six of Junts per Catalunya for Barcelona, will "overturn" in campaign for Carles Puigdemont "to become president again" and "restore normality". This was expressed yesterday by two directors who had been released on bail since Monday. Rull said he comes out of prison without "resentment or rancor" and added that y will not stop until he sees "free" Exvice President Oriol Junqueras; To Exadvisor Joaquim Forn; The number two by Barcelona of JuntsxCat, Jordi Sànchez, and leader of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart. Turull called on citizens to go to polls massively to "defeat 155."

Also former Advisor Carles Mundó participated in first day of ERC campaign. Toger with number two on list by Barcelona, Marta Rovira, claimed work of ERC in government ceased. He did it in an act in front of model prison, which closed this year after more than a century of operation.


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