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The independenceists manifest themselves in Brussels to urge the EU to take a stand in the Catalan crisis

The Entities sovereigntists ANC and Òmnium have organized the mobilization in support of the independence of Catalonia

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The independenceists manifest themselves in Brussels to urge the EU to take a stand in the Catalan crisis

A demonstration, organized by entities sovereigntists ANC and Òmnium, will tour this Thursday streets of known as European neighbourhood of Brussels in support of independence of Catalonia and to urge European Union to take position in political crisis. The Brussels police and organizers have held regular meetings in last few weeks to agree on journey and or practical issues of march and it has been in that context that y have reported that y expect "about 20,000 people", as y have reported Police sources.

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The summoners, for ir part, have avoided giving figures on answer that y believe will have call, but y have been confident in exceeding expectations, as explained this Wednesday in European Capital Vice-Presidents of ANC and Òmnium, Agustí Alcoberro and Marcel Mauri, respectively.

"We want to express pro-european sentiment of society, we are and will be Europeans, we want to participate in a common project of European Union," said Alcoberro. In this sense, it has added, demonstration aims to serve to pressure EU institutions to take sides and "safeguard and defend democracy in Catalonia".

The vice-president of ANC has indicated that in order to achieve this objective, his organization has also requested a meeting with President of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. The starting point is 50th Anniversary Park, in heart of European quarter, and it is planned that march will begin its journey at 11:30 hours and conclude around 14:00 hours. The circuit will allow m to go through so-called European Quarter and pass close to main institutions of European Union (European Commission, Council and European Parliament), although y will not concentrate before m because y have not been allowed access to square of Schuman, where community bodies are located, despite having requested it.

The authorities have foreseen an important security deployment, although y expect it to be a "great demonstration" and a "quiet" event, so y have asked citizens to non car this Thursday and use public transport to move To Brussels.

In addition to civil society, MEPs are summoned to manifestation of "all parties and of different countries", as well as proindependence forces of Catalan parliamentary arc. Thus, Mauri and Alcoberro have advanced that y will attend and close event with speeches of former President of Generalitat and candidate of Junts per Catalunya to elections of 21, Carles Puigdemont, and number two and candidate of ERC, Marta Rovira. They have also invited CUP and Catalunya in Comú, although y have not clarified wher y will finally attend.


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