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The judge finds a diversion of three million for the ' procés ' in the papers that were going to burn the Mossos

The money supposedly comes from the FLA money that the state gave to the Generalitat to face debts and defaults

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The judge finds a diversion of three million for the ' procés ' in the papers that were going to burn the Mossos

The court of Juan Antonio Ramírez Suñer, instruction 13 of Barcelona, investigating crimes related to illegal referendum of October 1 in Catalonia, has uncovered accounting notes that add up to a little more than three million euros from state and Diverted to separatist process. The discovery has propitiated papers (30 boxes full of documents in a van) who wanted to burn cash from Mossos D'Esquadra in an incinerator in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona), in midst of separatist heat, according to sources of research.

The van of Mossos with boxes of papers destined to fire was intercepted on October 26 by National Police

The van was headed last October 26 to aforementioned plant when it was intercepted by agents of national police, who seized boxes after a tense dialogue with Mossos who traveled in van carrying m. The Mossos demanded agents of National police, who received a previous tip on this mission, a court order that, with van stopped, arrived in a matter of hours to Barcelona coming from Madrid and signed by judge of National Audiencia Carmen Lick it, who now carries case against deputy chief of Catalan police, Josep Lluis, and one of his subordinates.

The first investigations suggest that se more than three million come from Autonomous Settlement Fund (FLA) that enabled central government for all communities following crisis and to face debts and defaults of Generalitat. This money is different from that supposedly have received independence associations as Òmnium Cultural in subsidies of government of former president Carles Puigdemont and that at this moment is investigating, in support of Civil guard of Catalonia, unit Operational Central, UCO. It is a money from coffers of state diverted to an illicit end, y point sources of investigation.

When Minister of Finance Cristóbal Montoro decided to intervene accounts of Generalitat in middle of last September (of which n former vice-president responded today inmate Oriol Junqueras), announced, at same time, that his department I would especially watch fate of state money deliveries to Generalitat. According to aforementioned means, papers found close circle of a descuadre that also amounted to three million and that had been observed by Hacienda in analyzing accounts of Generalitat, once intervened. And y point to money being diverted to procés.

These three million are different from money in subsidies that have allegedly received independence associations such as Òmnium Cultural

The substitute judge of Ramirez Suñer, who has just rejoined court after a medical discharge, called a month ago to law of State to offer him to intervene in process as possible handicapped, and to suspicion that money is of fund of liquidity to Utonómica (FLA), of General administration of state, and in this case not specifically of Generalitat, which can constitute anor crime of embezzlement of public flows.

The law of State has already been in court 13 and intention is to ask Judge Ramírez Suñer to inhibit of this aspect in favor of magistrate of Supreme Court Pablo Llarena, instructor of matrix cause of almost 40 judicial proceedings that are open in This moment in courts and tribunals of Catalonia and Madrid. It pretends that it is Llarena, judge who has in prison Junqueras and Jordis, who assumes this new embezzlement, which is one of three serious crimes, toger with rebellion and sedition, which already investigates this magistrate of supreme. The crime of embezzlement has been punishable by up to eight years in prison.

The UCO, which on its side traces alleged diversions of public money of Generalitat for independence purposes, has so far found payments in advertising prosecesionista government of Puigdemont and millions of grants for years to associations for purposes Separatists. The research of UCO, very complex, is already bearing fruit, according to legal sources. The Asociación omnium Cultural, chaired by Jordi Cuixart, a prisoner in Soto del Real with Jordi Sánchez (former president of ANC), is allegedly most beneficial. It also investigates UCO if businessmen nourished of adjudications of Generalitat have paid in exchange for to cover illegal acts. Some have already in ir magnifying glass.

The embargoes of Court of Auditors

The prosecution of Court of Auditors will also open an investigation into se public money detours once criminal case is sustancie. The Court of Auditors, when it discovers an illegal use of public money, opens a file that can conclude in a demand of return of money under penalty of seizing responsible ones ir properties, until obtaining total refund of money. The house of former President Artur Mas on Tuset Street in Barcelona is now seized to face nearly 5.3 million that embezzled Generalitat during its tenure to illegal referendum of November 9, 2014. But, and or seven senior officials of his government investigated by Court of Auditors for this matter, has only managed to collect 2.9 million, paid by ANC. The house has been seized by missing money.


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