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The judge leaves the police free of charge next to Villarejo

The magistrate of Egea Interrogates Commissioner García Castaño, detained in the Tandem operation

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The judge leaves the police free of charge next to Villarejo

Commissioner Enrique García Castaño, aka The Fat Man, will not sleep in jail. Diego de Egea, magistrate of national hearing, has decided this Friday to enact freedom with charges for police, close to retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and detained last Wednesday in framework of Operation Tandem. The prosecutor's office, which situates him in alleged lattice warping by considered king of sewers of state, urged his arrest because he allegedly provided confidential data in exchange for cars and money. One end that has been interrogated by judge, who has withdrawn his passport, prohibits him from leaving Spain and imposes fortnightly appearances in court.

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But by court of De Egea has not passed only García Castaño, investigated for crimes of improper cofact and revelation of secrets. The magistrate has also interrogated anor policeman on Friday on Wednesday — Inspector Antonio Bonilla — who has been released with charges and with same precautionary measures; And couple and daughter of fat, imputed and two key figures in this operation. The agents have intervened two cars of brand BMW, which used two women and which were acquired by companies of Villarejo, according to reports legal sources.

"There is no evidence against García Castaño different from those that would have been a month and a half ago, when Commissioner voluntarily submitted to honourable Member and was told that re was nothing against him," stresses defense of arrested, who has described " Disproportionate and unfair "his detention:" [decided] unilaterally and without decision of judicial body investigating facts with which it is allegedly linked. " His lawyer has explained in a statement that on May 28 he also addressed anti-corruption prosecutor to make himself available: "Without being linked to procedure."

The baptized Operation Tandem focuses on figure of Villarejo and its corporate network, which revolves around Cenyt group and includes a detective agency. According to investigation of Court of Instruction Number 6, headed by De Egea, commissioner was presumably worth his contacts to obtain data and confidential documents for dossiers that he produced on request. In fact, in view of data contained in reports, investigators suspect that among se informants are police, bank employees and an inspector of Treasury — judge has just asked tax agency for help to identify it —.

In this context, García Castaño, who has spent much of his professional career at head of Central Operational Support Unit (UCAO), was arrested on Wednesday, and was responsible for managing tools and technology to develop research: Telephone interventions, monitoring, listening... His name's been ringing for a while. The Fat Man also accompanied Villarejo in appointment in which now retired curator recorded Ignacio Gonzalez, former president of community of Madrid, on origin of attic that exheader of PP possessed in Marbella and was subject of research.

An anonymous complaint

The Tandem case, which already accumulates more than a dozen indictees, started in April 2017 thanks to an anonymous complaint received by Public Prosecutor's office detailing alleged illegal activities of Villarejo and anor n active curator, Carlos Salamanca. The paper reported that a senior charge of Equatorial Guinea commissioned in 2012 a report to Villarejo on Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, one of President Obiang's children. The dossier aimed to find dirty rags and disseminate m through network of media accomplices of retired Commissioner to discredit and annul him in family struggles.

The public Prosecutor and national hearing n began to pull thread and located at least two or compromising reports. For both, Egea has opened separate pieces, baptized respectively as Land and Iron. The first one investigates a dossier allegedly commissioned by two directors of luxurious urbanization of estate in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). In second, request by a patent firm to spy on an office of competition for alleged ft of clients.

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