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The judge's decision on the prisoners will mark the campaign

Pablo Llarena communicates this Monday to the exadvisors if you leave them on bail

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The judge's decision on the prisoners will mark the campaign

Seven of eight expositions who remain in prison — exception is Meritxell Borràs, head of governor — occupying outposts on independence candidacies of Junts per Catalunya and Republican Republic. All of m have asked Supreme Court to release m so that y can participate in campaign. Orwise, y have warned, y would injure ir right to political participation and also right of citizens to choose m.

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The exadvisors, imprisoned for sedition and rebellion by order of national audience on November 2, declared Friday before supreme, which now investigates cause. To achieve ir release, y abided by application of article 155 of Constitution — despite expressing, like Exvice President Oriol Junqueras, his "deep discrepancy" — and committed to complying with law. They followed way Forcadell: The president of Parlament, Carme Forcadell, managed to be released on bail after announcing that she was planning to act under Constitutional Framework. In same line, independence leaders imprisoned for sedition were expressed: president of Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Sànchez, and that of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart.

The prosecution was not persuaded by case and asked to remain in prison because re is still a risk of escape, evidence destruction and criminal repetition. Most Parties, both independence and constitutionalists, take for granted that Llarena will communicate to m tomorrow, at 9.00, that imposes a bond as a condition to evade prison. Everything is ready. Sponsored by ANC, independentist environment has raised money to pay those bonds. And this weekend has redoubled pressure on streets to demand his release: On Saturday, with a massive concert at Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, which attracted 50,000 people; This Sunday, with a concentration of more than 10,000 musicians in Plaza de España.

Llarena has been given a margin — Friday and weekend — to make decision, which will mark course of electoral contest. It is not same as two weeks of campaigning to develop with some of imprisoned candidates — an argument that independence can employ to discredit elections in event of defeat — to do so with candidates present at events and rallies.

Candidate in Brussels

Different is situation of Carles Puigdemont, who leads candidacy of Junts per Catalunya and that — unless he decides to return to Spain — he must campaign from afar. At same time as Llarena will communicate decision to Exadvisors, a Belgian judge has quoted Puigdemont to present allegations about his extradition to Spain. The defense of Puigdemont and four exadvisors fled with it to Brussels will argue, among or things, that crimes for which Spain requests its surrender do not fit into Belgian legislation, and that if y are delivered y will face a "political" trial and "without Guarantees ". The judge will not adopt decision on Monday.

"It is untenable that re are elections in Catalonia with a large part of candidates in jail," insisted this Sunday Puigdemont in an interview in newspaper of Standaard. Junqueras, for his part, was cautious in decision of supreme. In an interview in newspaper, Exvice president said that he does not have m all with m to get out of prison: "We are very keen." "On November 2, it was very clear that y were shutting us down." Junqueras took opportunity to launch, at same time, political ammunition: "The Anticatalan offensive only stops by winning 21-D".


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