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The judge who instructed the case against the new justice of the Supreme

Lamea Disembarks in the courtroom that will judge the leaders of the procés, but will not be part of the Tribunal

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The judge who instructed the case against the new justice of the Supreme

Carmen Lamea, judge who has instructed in national hearing cause for sedition against Josep Lluís and political excupola of Mossos D'Esquadra, will disembark in Supreme Court. The plenary of General Council of Judiciary (CGPJ) has elected this Tuesday new judge of Criminal Chamber of High Court, after obtaining 13 of 21 votes in Liza. Lamea will occupy plaza of deceased José Manuel Maza, who died in November 2018 when he was state attorney General.

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According to data provided by CGPJ, judge has imposed to Juan José López Ortega and Juan Ramón Sáez Valcárcel, magistrates of Audiencia Provincial of Madrid and of national hearing, respectively, that only obtained two votes each one; And four or magistrates who only achieved one — Manuela Fernandez Prado, Javier Hernández García, Francisco de Paula Sánchez Zamorano and Ignacio Subijana Zunzunegui —.

Among last best known instructions of Lamea are causes for terrorism by aggression of two civil guards and ir partners in Alsasua and against a group of vegan anarchists; As well as open piece in national hearing for sedition against political leaders of procés when judicial process began. The judge did not see rebellion n against m, but sent several to remand. His decision provoked escape of Carles Puigdemont and or exconsellers, so he issued an international arrest warrant. For this reason, although licking it will be integrated in room which shall judge m in supreme, it is not part of tribunal.

It considers by its companions as a judge "very quiet, very independent and very hardworking", lick it shuns of public focus and is not affiliated to any of four judicial associations. He entered judicial race in 1986 after approving oppositions. After passing through courts of Orihuela (Alicante), Manzanares (Ciudad Real) and Badalona (Barcelona), in Nineties landed at Provincial Court of Barcelona.

At end of that decade he moved to Madrid, where he practiced in a court of instruction of capital and Provincial court until in 2014 reached national court. According to CGPJ, magistrate has participated in elaboration of laws such as procedural streamlining or normative change for creation of courts of instance.

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