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The judge will decide on December 14th on the delivery of Puigdemont to Spain

The Belgian prosecutor's Office recalls the extradition of the former president and Exadvisors

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The judge will decide on December 14th on the delivery of Puigdemont to Spain
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The former president Carles Puigdemont and four Exconsellrs who fled with him to Brussels will have to wait until next December 14 to know decision of judge examining Spanish euroórdenes that weigh against m. The five have appeared this morning before judge of first instance who must decide on his extradition to Spain, where y are accused of rebellion and sedition after unilateral proclamation of independence of Catalonia.

"Finished sight in Brussels." The decision on December 14th, "has advanced Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, one of lawyers of Puigdemont, on Twitter. In today's audience, which has begun at 9.00 and has ended around 12.30, Belgian prosecutor's office has again asked for extradition and surrender to Spain of Puigdemont and exadvisors. For ir part, defences have reiterated that re is no place for a delivery order because crimes in Euroorden do not have an equivalence in Belgian Penal Code and have insisted that, in case of being delivered, re would be "risk of breach of guarantees" during Juici Or, according to same sources.

One of lawyers of Puigdemont, Alonso-Cuevillas, on view of today. The judge will decide on 14 December on Euroorden of members of Govern

— Álvaro Sánchez (@Alvaro1984) December 4, 2017

The five quoted have entered to testify about 20 minutes before nine o'clock, time that hearing was fixed, accompanied by ir lawyers and without media having been able to take pictures. In vicinity of court, some independent sympathizers have been left to see.

The view has been held behind closed doors in prosecutor's building, which is in front of courthouse — where previous judicial appointment took place — for reasons of organization, according to Belgian court of First Instance, Chamber of Council. Of five crimes attributed to m in Spain — rebellion, sedition, embezzlement, prevarication and disobedience — Belgian prosecutor's office excluded one: prevarication.

The decision will be known in full election campaign of 21-D in Catalonia. The process can still be extended for several weeks, as two avenues of appeal, Court of Appeal and Cassation Tribunal are open. In an interview with Belgian newspaper L'Echo, one of lawyers of Puigdemont, Paul Bekaert, gave on January 2 as a minimum date to which process will lengn, although it is not disposable that extends beyond.

This implies that, if y do not decide to change ir strategy and surrender to Spanish justice, government's members will campaign from Belgium and continue outside Catalonia even after 21-D elections. One of main events of this campaign from outside will take place on Thursday, when an independence rally is convened in Brussels.

Puigdemont and exadvisors have already entered to testify in prosecution with ir lawyers. They're summoned at 9. In vicinity of courthouse are allowed to see some independence sympathizers

— Álvaro Sánchez (@Alvaro1984) December 4, 2017

Hours before date on which Puigdemont will know wher or not it is returned to Spain, Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena has decided that Oriol Junqueras (Vice-President of Generalitat), Joaquim Forn (internal advisor) and presidents of ANC and Òmnium (Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart) will remain in unconditional prison.

The instructor of case has issued a prison evadable on bail of 100,000 euros for or six ex-advisors to whom national audience sent to prison (Raül Romeva, Carles Mundó, Dolors Bassa, Meritxell Borràs, Josep Rull and Jordi Turull). Once deposited, magistrate imposes weekly appearances in Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia or court or Tribunal of your convenience, a prohibition of leaving Spain and withdrawal of passport. The magistrate warns m that breach of any of obligations imposed would lead to his immediate return to prison. At midnight, campaign for December 21 elections begins, in which re will be two heads of list, Junqueras and Puigdemont.


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