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The judge will interrogate Marjaliza about a delivery of 60,000 euros for box B of the PP of Rajoy

The builder involved in the Punic plot brings new documentation to the case

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The judge will interrogate Marjaliza about a delivery of 60,000 euros for box B of the PP of Rajoy

David Marjaliza, builder who had a prominent role in Punic plot and who collaborates with justice since June 2015, also contributed in 2007 with an illegal donation of 60,000 euros to box B of PP that n led Mariano Rajoy. The investigation on network of corruption allegedly led by Madrid regional councillor Francisco Granados reveals that employer once went to national headquarters of PP, in Calle Genova in Madrid, and held a meeting with n Maximum responsible for party treasury, today imprisoned Luis Bárcenas and recently deceased Álvaro Puerta.

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  • Granados charged a commission of 1.2 million for three works of Metro
  • "The PP told me that I had to bill ir electoral expenses to 4 or 5 companies"

The visit of Marjaliza to headquarters of PP took place in a date without concreting between months of April and June of 2007, year in which were held autonomous and municipal elections and in which PP of Madrid lived an internal war between Granados and that would end up being President of community, Ignacio González. According to sources of research, builder went to Genoa Street at behest of Granados, who allegedly told him to tell Bárcenas and door that came at his request to deliver an illegal donation. Granados sought to win favor of national leadership in his confrontation with his rival.

The amount of same, 60,000 euros, was part of Commission for award three years before, of construction works of three sections of light metro of Madrid, in which Obrum, company of which was shareholder Marjaliza came in temporary union of companies with or Societies. For se contracts, Granados, businessman Javier López Madrid – also imputed in cause for alleged irregular financing of PP and Marjaliza itself were allegedly distributed a commission of 3.6 million euros, according to documentation provided by this Last to judge.

To deliver alleged illegal donation, Granados contacted Marjaliza with an alderman of PP in city of Madrid whose name has not transcended. He was in charge of accompanying builder to headquarters of Genoa Street party and getting him to overcome security checks of building without being recorded in records of his visit. According to sources close to investigation, businessman and alderman went up to Treasury area of PP and met with Bárcenas and door, to which Marjaliza delivered envelope with 60,000 euros in banknotes of 500.

After delivery, y both left building. The legal sources consulted confirm to this newspaper details of alleged surrender of this illegal commission, unknown so far, and only one that made Marjaliza. Anti-corruption prosecution and popular accusations will ask employer for that payment in interrogation to be submitted this Thursday at national hearing.

The appearance of Marjaliza before Judge Manuel García-Castellón, instructor of Punic case, is continuation of those that he has done since at end of October last year he requested to appear to provide new data on plot of corruption. The builder – who was arrested in October 2014 and spent more than a year in pre-trial detention – began his collaboration with Justice in June 2015 and, thanks to him, researchers have been able to uncover much of irregularities, including existence of A box B of PP of Esperanza Aguirre that allowed to finance several electoral campaigns with black money. Ors imputed in Punic case have since n been ir steps and have also confessed ir participation in facts and confirmed revelations of Marjaliza.

In statement that begins on Thursday, and that can be extended several days, builder is expected to provide new data and clarify meaning of a part amount of documentation that was intervened in his day and that Civil Guard has not been able to link with operations of corruption due to lack of data. Legal sources emphasize that it is envisaged that Marjaliza details and percentages of three types of commissions that allegedly paid to political positions. By awarding to ir public works companies. The second, by requalification of rustic land in urban in favor of ir societies. And, finally, by delivery of municipal land for construction of official protection housing. The builder has already secured in several previous statements that he paid a fixed amount to mayors of various municipalities of Madrid community of several parties for each of those houses. These same sources do not rule out delivery of new documents that clarify ones already in cause.

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