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The judgement of the blue chair with the surnames bourbon and Greece

The unusual process celebrated two years ago in Palma broke something in the relationship of the Spaniards with the monarchy, but showed that there is no impunity

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The judgement of the blue chair with the surnames bourbon and Greece

The trial of case Nóos, held two years ago in audience of Palma, was almost worse in symbolic plane than facts, being very serious: it was Royal family that was judged, but it was not, but outside room , and actually also inside, in misunderstandings. It was unusual that reserved blue chair, in an austere building of an industrial estate, with a slip that seemed out of place, a mistake: "Christina of Bourbon and Greece."

The journalists had in front of Infanta, two meters, forced, exposed for hours to his gaze, without question power. Separated from her husband, ex-Duke of Palma, by chairs, mixed two in a multitude of defendants of all kinds, including one who came every day in prison with two agents. Anor fellow bencher would pass a sandwich and he greeted infanta every morning with education, asking if he had rested. It was n, with those images, those interrogations, an unimaginable situation, when several scaffolds of institutional respect were broken, Spanish's routine relationship with monarchy and something in Spain ceased to be as it was. The final judgement of supreme, with jail almost certain for Iñaki Urdangarin, certifies it. And he makes his wife's sentence uncomfortably present at trial, pronounced against his own family: "I am fully convinced of his innocence."

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Philip VI was at trial, but in photography. In a painting in front of his sister and his bror-in-law, on court, dressed in a toga and great necklace of justice. Good thing that by n re had been a cut with past, unlike ors, and he was one who presided room, and not his far, Juan Carlos I, who had already abdicated. For name of King emeritus, of his time, of how it was possible, of why he was tolerated, floated in judgment. And most surprising thing is that it was Urdangarin himself and Infanta, in addition to his partner in Nóos, Diego Torres, who fed an insidious suspicion, against what y had declared in instruction: Royal House knew. And, moreover, an argument Sibilino enormously destructive: to m that seemed normal and was well precisely because palace of Zarzuela gave approval, or what is same but worse, that made it good if it was not. Impunity, it's called. But today's sentence, which leaves a trail of destruction in mechanisms of system, corrects that perception.

The trial, however, began with a scene that became famous and caused indignation. The lawyer of state saying: "The motto Hacienda we are all is only publicity". If one remembers re was some general sense that hidden plan, in a system conspiracy, was to save royal couple. Prosecutor Pedro Horrach against Judge José Castro. The most uncomfortable thing is that role of Paladin of Justice would fall on reviled Seudosindicato clean hands, solely responsible as a popular accusation that Infanta sit on bench, and that ended as it ended. With ir perpetrators in prison and accusation of having asked for three million to ir defense to withdraw from cause.

The process was devastating mediaally for its protagonists. "It was very hard, re were very empastillada people to bear it," recalled Mercedes Coghen, who later became acquitted. The successive views completed a devastating portrait of Nóos Institute, a snack bar designed as an ATM to draw money with only mention of name of Duke of Palma. "I was dedicated to what I was doing," he summed up prosecutor when he asked him what his job was. Urdangarin's statement, Haggard, with a white tuft, a fragile voice, showed a man fallen from top. Also name of Infanta was to function as a "shield" tax, as explained by notary who created Society of both: first placed his name because he had to act as a safe conduct, as if to see number 14 of DNI of Infanta any tax inspector Run away. The notary told in trial what tax adviser of dukes told him, about a disturbing enumeration: "As he was told, because he hobnobbed with high officials of Treasury, DNI of one to 10 were of family of Frank , and from 11 to 100, from royal family. "

There was a daily accumulation of implications that were not subject of judgment, but y should be, and y were, of public dismay. Dozens of companies were paying, and y have gone quietly on tiptoe of case, and a way of doing things, of relating to royalty, which seemed very established. Urdangarin charged 15,000 euros per month of Motorpress Ibérica SL for "Analyzing trends in world of motor, through visits to car lounges." He advised Martian entities such as Andean Confederation of Fomentation and among reports he produced for possible Mediterranean Games in Valencia re was one priceless that defined what football was: "Football, officially called football...". And n I explained it. The Nóos trial put real icing on an obscene time in Spain with sport as a business, congresses as a racket, elite as looting.

The unreleased show was seeing royal family mixed up in this. The exdukes of Palma had to undergo in trial to derision of revelation of intimate details, private documents that gave to those present in room discomfort of snoopers. That Urdangarin called his wife Kid in mail, or invoices in hairdresser Llongueras. And a always humiliating aspect, finding that Infanta apparently did not know anything and did nothing. That "was decorative, symbolic," as a witness said.

In his statement, Diego Torres did not spared occasions to remember that he had more than 300 emails and documents from Royal house, just as in his book he told himself and Urdangarin bought ring of order from Felipe VI to his wife in a jewellery in Barcelona. or comments that wanted to see what he was in that closed circle, as his mention of Aunt Pecu, Princess Irene of Greece, sister of Doña Sofia, whom y called because it was "peculiar". At trial he spoke at some point of "Mrs. Corinna" as in passing, and everyone aguzabaed ear to see how far it came.

Every time that Torres or a witness bordered core of matter, that in what was thinking all Spain, tension in room was shot, as if it were about to make history. One of most nervous moments was when Torres was asked if Juan Carlos I was aware of what was going on in Nóos. Torres seemed to fall prey to a panic over responsibility: "I'm not going into those games!" It was n that President of Court, Samantha Romero clarified that it was not a game and said, without anyone to ask: "The court will shield ir independence!". The three judges lived view as if y were constantly monitored by all in a crucial examination of neatness of Spanish justice, and it really was.


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