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The keys to the ' Juana Rivas case '

This Wednesday is the trial against women, charged with two crimes of child abduction, after it was postponed last June after the resignation of the defense attorney

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The keys to the ' Juana Rivas case '
What is ' Juana Rivas'MÁS case Information
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  • "The month hidden were my children's first vacation in a long time"

The Juana Rivas case begins on May 18, 2016. That day, Juana Rivas Gómez travels to Maracera (Granada) from Italy where she lived with Francesco Arcuri, her partner n, since 2013. There he moved Rivas with his eldest son, now with 12 years and re became pregnant of youngest son, at this time with four and a half years. That may 2016, Rivas leaves Italy with a return ticket for a month and a half after he will never use. On June 9th she goes to center of Woman of Maracera, where she reports that she has suffered physical and psychological abuse during her stay in Italy. Advised by Francisca Granados, director of Centre, on 12 July, she denounces "habitual physical and psychological abuse". Days later, on August 2, he communicates to his partner that he does not return. The Juana Rivas case officially begins.

Beginning of relationship and first complaint for ill-treatment

The couple is known in London in 2004. Soon after y moved to Granada. In 2009, y denounce each or for aggression. According to court ruling, both agree that Arcuri repeatedly hit Rivas. Arcuri is sentenced to three months ' imprisonment and distance for 15 months from Juana Rivas. After that period is when couple reconciled and moved to Italy.

Arcuri denounced Rivas for abduction of minors Francesco Arcuri, in July 2017 in Granada. PEPE TORRES (EFE)

In August 2016, Rivas communicated to Arcuri that neir she nor children returned to Italy. He filed a complaint for international child abduction. At this point, each one has denounced or. However, in meantime, original complaint of ill-treatment against him is not advancing — nor advancing one millimeter until a year later — that of child abduction takes speed. In December 2016, a judge issued first car: Juana Rivas has to give her children to her far to return "to ir habitual residence prior to abduction, in this case Italy." Rivas appeals and in April, Granada audience ratifies that children should be handed over to ir far.

The mor disappears with her children Juana Rivas, with her children, in a photo spread by family while y remained hidden.

The previous sentences oblige Rivas to return his children but y do not put a date. A court order establishes that it is July 11, 2017. However it does not happen, anor puts it in 24th. Finally, 26th of July is third date of delivery and car already urges police to act if delivery is not made. The night before, Rivas and his two children disappear not to appear at meeting point next day with Arcuri. The Juana Rivas case already acquires media notoriety. At end of August, Rivas reappears and gives children to his far, who, hour after and without wasting time, travels with m to Italy where three reside at moment. Sources of case explain that Civil guard was in fact always aware of where it was, but that instruction was to act only in case it tried to leave country.

Judicial Itinerary

Rivas ' ill-treatment complaint against Arcuri is, two years later, inactive. It took a year to get to Italy and no court of that country has moved a role even on it. Meanwhile, in Spain, lawyers from both sides have been intensely busy with case and its derivatives. The non-delivery of Juana de los Niños and its subsequent disappearance in July 2017 is one that is prosecuted this week in Granada but judicial appointments re have been many: denunciation of Arcuri for child abduction is one that is prosecuted this week in Granada but before re were more D Statements:

— for cost of Arcuri's trip when he was in Granada to pick up his children and for expense incurred in his waiting for a month until Rivas and his children appeared. A sentence in February 2017 urges Juana to indemnify Francesco with something less than 2,000 euros.

-In Italy, in October 2017, trial was started by guard and custody of his two children who are still in operation.

— in parallel, at end of 2016, a court in Granada studied a complaint for alleged abuses of children. This was dismissed.

— In February of this year, Francisca Granados went to ombudsman to investigate whereabouts of Rivas ' original complaint against Arcuri for ill-treatment. The result of defender's investigation is that complaint is in corresponding court of Cagliari and little else.

Second appointment for trial for subtraction of minor concentration in Granada in support of Juana Rivas, in August 2017. PEPE TORRES (EFE)

This Wednesday's judicial appointment for child abduction is, in fact, second taking of same scene that was already convened on 14 June. On that occasion, with Rivas ' chief attorney, he was a second lawyer who went through trial. A few minutes after he started, he told judge his ignorance of case and his inability to defend Rivas properly. Pending discharge of chief advocate, defense requested a delay until September. After a scuffle in courtroom, lawyer left courtroom and judge had no choice but to summon all parties again on 18 July. The interest of defense is to postpone case as much as feasible as a possible conviction in this case would be devastating for case of guard and custody in Italy.

Juana Rivas, as a defendant, is obliged to go to room. Francesco Arcuri will attend view from Italy through videoconferencing.

What do you face Rivas this Wednesday

In this Wednesday's trial, public Prosecutor's office accuses Rivas of two child abduction crimes and requests two and a half years for each. It also calls for a special debarment to exercise right of parental rights for six years.

The accusation, Francesco Arcuri, requests same prison for abduction, calls for eight years of disabling parental authority and adds nine months in prison for judicial disobedience and 30,000 euros for moral and material damage.

The defense calls for free acquittal by not finding any crime in its defendant.

Lawyers, advisors and psychologists Juana Rivas and her advisor Francisca Granados, in July 2017. ALEX CAMARA (AFP)

The Juana Rivasha case was, no doubt, a frenzy for lawyers. Actually, for justice system. At least five judges individually and a court have intervened at some point. Resources, appeals and writings have multiplied. The defence has been composed of a lawyer and Paqui Granados as adviser at first. From delivery of children, he took reins a team of at least two lawyers in Spain and two in Italy. In addition, Miguel Lorente and several Italian psychologists participate as experts in case of guard and custody in Italy. For its part, a lawyer defends in Spain with Arcuri and a team of four lawyers and several psychologists carry Italian affair.

A team of lawyers was also involved who tried a failed appeal before Constitutional Court.

The relationship Rivas-Arcuri in last year

Finally, with children in Italy and process that takes place by guard and custody of children, Juana Rivas has spent more time in that country in last months than I imagined. In October he got Italian court in Cagliari (Sardinia) to allow him to see his two children. Since n he has been able to spend many weekends with m, especially in last months, when he has spent many weeks residing re while many expert tests were held.

He has also met with Arcuri in Italian courts. The relationship with him, however, is null.

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