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The long conclave in the Palau ends without definitive conclusions

Puigdemont will maintain new contacts today after bringing together its government and the leaders of the parties and entities sovereigntists

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The long conclave in the Palau ends without definitive conclusions

The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has held this Wednesday for seven hours a meeting with directors of Govern, leaders of PDeCAT and of Will, deputies of Junts PEL Yes and sovereigntists entities to try to agree on Strategy with a view to plenary to be held this Thursday in Parlament on effects of application of article 155 in Catalonia. The long conclave, which began at 21.00 Although several of congregations already held meetings since 19.00, has ended this morning after 2.00 in morning without definitive conclusions.

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It points out that president will continue this morning to maintain contacts before plenary session, which will finally begin at 17.00 hours in house with question of wher or not he is intended to declare independence. In any case, final resolution may be postponed to Friday when plenary motions are submitted. Indeed, Catalan National Assembly (ANC), whose leader is imprisoned, has summoned its supporters on Friday. The Ciutadella Park, as it was last day 10, will be surrounded by fences and closed to public.

The management of majority of PDeCAT and CUP and two sovereigntists entities are in favor of proclaiming Republic by understanding that no or scenario will prevent government of Mariano Rajoy from applying article 155. However, tensions have been shot in government by PDeCAT advisers- case of culture, Sant Vila-who want that statement to be accompanied by elections.

None of leaders who participated in long session wanted to make public statements and have left Palau by car- case of Artur Mas, one of first to leave-or on foot spread across different doors. Counselor Vila, whose press officer has denied for second time in three days that he had submitted resignation, has simply said: "It has gone well ( meeting) as usual." Marta Pascal, coordinator of PDeCAT, has abounded: "Understand that we can not say anything".

The final decision will be in hands of Puigdemont. Yet, shortly before meeting, president has hung this sentence on social networks: "We will not waste time with those who have already decided to raze self-government of Catalonia." Oriol Junqueras, in an Associated Press interview, said Wednesday that state had not left anor path to declare Republic. The majority group of Junts PEL if it held in advance of session of Palau a long meeting in Parlament-several times sonorous applause of doors outside-were heard in which y invited to make declaration. Many Members have perception that central government's decision to apply 155 is, whatever y do, irrevocable.

The CUP is excluded from hard core of Procés's leadership and its deputies did not save criticism while meeting was held. "Really, even today we talk about elections goes from disrespect to results of October 1 to be a disgrace," said Congresswoman Mireia buoy in social networks. The meeting of Palau began while in Plaza de Sant Jaume two consecutive demonstrations were held: a first in defense of Catalan public school and n anor of so-called referendum defense committees. As of 21.00 hours, re has been hardly any expectation in square beyond presence of a nurtured group of journalists. No leader of Govern has given details of meeting and only news has been that of a charge, it is not known if to stress, that has hung on net that had fallen an orange of Pati dels Tarongers.


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