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The loopholes of embezzlement

The reservations expressed by the German judges, the refusal of Junqueras and affirmations of Montoro add doubts about the use of public funds in the referendum

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The loopholes of embezzlement

The forcefulness of crime of rebellion attributed to leaders of Procés has made a shadow, during instruction of Judge Paul Llarena, to or pillar of cause: crime of embezzlement, by which members of Government of Carles Puigdemont are prosecuted. Vice President Oriol Junqueras said yesterday before judge that "re has not been a single euro of budget to process" independence. His statement came backed by a few words from Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, in an interview published yesterday in world: "I do not know with what money those polls were paid by Chinese of October 1, nor maintenance of Puigdemont. But I know not with public money, "he said.

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  • Cristóbal Montoro says that no public funds have been spent on ' procés '
  • The German court doubts wher it can deliver to Puigdemont for embezzlement

The words of Montoro resonated in High Court as a new setback to instruction, which is finding obstacles to accredit financing of procés. Llarena considers in his cars "inescapable" that government paid consultation of 1-or with public funds. But hirto unknown summary of what budget items came out that money. The instructor bases his sis on agreements adopted by Catalan government to authorize different councils to make hiring necessary for consultation, "independently" of items "after which disbursement was withheld".

Llarena keeps a secret piece open to collect new evidence of embezzlement, so judge does not yet have all data. In a recent writing sent to German judges who must decide on delivery of Puigdemont, instructor refers to police reports that point to use of public funds; And he adds that, in secret piece re are new evidences. But Llarena is limited to breaking down four games in which government spent 1.6 million to which it considers that embezzlement is ascending.

Control of payments

The evidence of this crime has been compiled by Barcelona judge who investigated preparations for referendum. The Judge Juan Antonio Ramírez Sunyer floated figure of 6.2 million included in budgets of Generalitat for 2017 for "electoral processes and participation". The investigation, however, had to lower bar by finding that this money was not used in illegal consultation. Moreover, when, in mid-September, Montoro took control of Generalitat's essential and payroll services payments to ensure that none of m were destined for referendum.

The Civil guard n focused its efforts on accrediting or expenses linked to organization of consultation and concluded that government spent half a million in campaign aimed at Catalans living abroad and institutional advertising 1-O. There were later indications that anor million euros served to pay for sending of letters and electoral census. But again re were doubts: after researchers referred ir report to Llarena, deliverers and workers of Unipost — company hired to send letters — declared in Barcelona and refused to have charged Generalitat.

The third block refers to hiring of "international observers" (119,700 euros). Judicial sources believe that it is most clearly credited expenditure, since y consist of invoices on payment for transfer by plane, lodging and provision of services to an institution that brought to Catalonia observers for 1-O.

Germany's judges have also raised doubts about this crime and asked for more information. The Schleswig-Holstein audience does not question that Government was prohibited from using money for its independence purposes and that, however, it did so. "What is unclear", y add in resolution dictated to release Puigdemont, is wher Generalitat "had to pay m from regional budget and wher defendant [ expresident] ordered it."

In judicial case for consultation of November 9, 2014 it became clear that Generalitat had used public money and prosecutor was querelló for crimes of disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement. He finally ruled out latter, although Court of Auditors did rule that more than 5.2 million euros of funds from Generalitat had been used and are being claimed from former president Artur Mas and several positions of his government. After this precedent, in spirit of sovereigntists leaders, idea was that any consultation should be financed by or means.


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