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The M5S, Di Maio is a candidate to the premiership: "we Will rise again l'Italia"

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The M5S, Di Maio is a candidate to the premiership: "we Will rise again l'Italia"
ROME - After weeks of waiting, Luigi Di Maio formalizes its candying to premiership. The vice president of Chamber announced in a post on Facebook: "We are still here, più strong. And now we have complete l'work: let's go to Palazzo Chigi and let rise again l'Italy. Today I accepted my nomination to Premier for 5 Star Movement". Di Maio is currently l's only cricket in race to primary. To apply re will beà time up to 18 September at 12 hours but none of possible challengers has yet decided application. "First y ignore, n y laugh, n y fight" he writes in post Maio quoting Gandhi and retraces her path to political "started 10 years ago, l'September 8, 2007". L's announcement, given for granted at all'within and outside of Movement, comes from banquet of activists of Caltanissetta, a stage of tour for regional elections in Sicily.Di Maio with new rules for primary elections, could apply to premiership despite being investigated by Prosecutor of Genova, for libel after lawsuit submitted by 'former candidate for mayor Marika Cassimatis, n expelled from Movement. "I rest of my idea" advocates Of Maio, "who is being investigated for serious crimes is not; candidabile. If, n, it is investigated as an act due to a complaint of Pd or you get a lawsuit as è happened to me, it is obvious that changes"   reactions "Di Maio fearsome? Sì, as Rays of romans", commented secretary of League, Matteo Salvini.The leader of Field for a progressive, Giuliano Pisapia, after criticizing methods "not transparent" Movement "control in a few", asked about candidacy, he replied:"Di maio's candidate for premier of M5S? it is ir problem".  Controversy is also from Pd, Stefano Pedica attacking: "The 'mahatma' Di Maio dreams of going to Palazzo Chigi to 'resurrect' Country, but think of resurrecting it as did Ray in Rome? Giggino explain first how ever for candidate for premier può run even a suspect. And explain, also becauseé rule on suspects in its Movement is applied every or day".On Facebook Sestino Giacomoni, a member of 'Bureau of Forza Italia wrote: "today, we learn that candidate for premier in pectore of 5 star Movement is a person who not only does not è never graduated, but has never even worked a day in his life...and y talk about meritocracy!"."Di Maio è incandidabile having criminal proceedings," says l's former ideologue of M5S Paul Beaks. "And' s true that in blog have written that rules have changed but not è that rules can be made ad personam"The controversy had erupted già after publication of rules for primaries from'wing orthodox Movement, one in 'last year è opposing più times on dolphin Of Maio. In game, in fact, is not c'è only application to premiership at Palazzo Chigi, but also appointment of political chief of Movement, to place of Beppe Grillo. A choice that has alarmed first deputy of Five star Luigi Gallo, which from its wall Facebook has written:"By Movement 5 Stars of Beppe Grillo, Movement 5 Stars Luigi di Maio. To you comments!", listing broad powers of political leader. Criticism also came from dissident Riccardo Nuti, a former five-star, suspended after his involvement in 'investigation on false signatures in Palermo. "Nuti investigated?, suspended. Or parliamentarians M5S investigated? Not suspended. Rays investigated? That is not paused. Di Maio investigated? Not outstanding and a candidate for premier"  he wrote on Facebook.The rules The primary will be able to apply all of members of Movement 5 stars that have experienced a mandate to a spokesman, Mayor, or who have been elected in 2013 in european Parliament. Only condition, you have not enrolled in years previous to any party. The primaries are open also suspected purché involved in facts that are not serious and provided that you declare it openly. The winner will comeà announced on 23 September in Rimini during course of event Italy 5 stars, which will be heldà from 22 to 24. The vote is open to all subscribers to site of Movement-enabled access to platform Rousseau, preference is unique and può be expressed for one candidate.


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