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The master of married, the delayed bomb of the primaries

The PP has acted as if the controversy of its title was deactivated, but it was evident that it was going to explode after the Congress

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The master of married, the delayed bomb of the primaries

The Master of Pablo Casado has been elephant in room of PP primaries, an unavoidable matter that everyone did as y did not see. Although it was clear that married was surprisingly easy his master between 2008 and 2009 in University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), when he was a regional representative in Madrid and was about to be director of Cabinet of former President Aznar. He was validated 18 of 22 subjects and in four remaining and did not know professors: he took all outstanding with four works-a total of 92 pages-which he did without consulting anyone and left in an office. His only argument has always been naivety: he did what he was told and it did not seem strange. Who proposed to him so advantageous conditions was Enrique Álvarez Conde, organizer of master and principal imputed in case Cifuentes. When it was a married problem, PP followed usual inertia: denying it existed. But he threw himself into primaries with that ballast and now it's a party problem.

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In primaries has not been discussed, it was not a weapon thrown, and commissioners gave case by resolved, but after opening a separate piece of case Cifuentes in court number 51 in Madrid re was a real possibility that Paul married end imputed. Or at least, you must take political responsibility if a favourable treatment is demonstrated. Even more so when parallels with master of Cifuentes are growing, which was in 2011, and suspicion that his was not an isolated case, but that re was a system to favor people linked to PP or university. Three companions of its course have been imputed this Monday, because y did it in same favorable conditions as married. One of m, Alida Mas Taberner, was in that year high office of PP in Generalitat Valenciana. Since Monday, it has been shown that if leader of PP was not graduated it is likely that he was now in same situation.

In fact, Javier Maroto, a popular leader of married team, attacked judge on Monday night: "I no longer know if re is any reason besides judiciary to Erre that Erre is asking about a subject that has no jurisdiction and I leave it in air because I do not RO have any problems (...) What is reason why this judge asks questions about a subject that cannot even issue opinion and judgment? "

Casado started a career forward with time in favor: The judge, Carmen Rodríguez-Medel, went on vacation in early July and when he returned this Monday, to resume instruction, he has found that he is new leader of Spanish right. If it decided to raise case to supreme, High Court would be placed under enormous pressure: PP would become first match with its imputed leader, but nobody in conservative formation shuffles that option, fatal in this oretical phase of renewal. In PP y believe that matter will remain in nothing and, in any case, that voter does not worry.

The calculation, within PP, is to withstand shower, to obviate possible ethical implications and, limiting exclusively case to its penal consequences, to trust that, in end, to married one is not accused of any offence. Hence his insistence from beginning in a sentence: "I did what I was asked." Penalists consulted by this newspaper indicate that, in case that someone in university had committed prevarication or falsification in public documents, two hyposes on table, he can be left to margin penal, even if it had Benefited. It would only aggravate his situation with direct testimonies that would implicate him. The judge wants to gar all signs and n assess wher he raises m to supreme, but perhaps n for High Court are not enough to impute it. Anor thing is wear that married have to endure in next few weeks, but so far has been coping. What's more, he hasn't stopped him from winning primaries.

He played in his favor that he had a month, since case of Cristina Cifuentes was uncovered, to prepare his defense well, especially in view of mistakes of President of Madrid. That scandal acted like a smokescreen. So much so that in first question of April 10, when popular leader appeared to give explanations after first information of country, journalist praised his speed in reacting compared with Cifuentes. At his side, married thing seemed a minor matter. The truth is that n Vice-secretary of PP appeared that day in two phases: a long meeting without cameras behind closed doors where he had to admit most controversial aspects of his title, and anor public shorter and media where wielded his argument and Four works which, he assured, had delivered. Although he did not let m examine m. But truth is that ir admissions have been worsening ir situation. In fact, in end he chose not to talk about it anymore and argues that he has explained everything.

Married has been ambiguous, when not contradictory, on several occasions. His first reaction was to say to this newspaper that he did not remember if he had gone to class and done exams. Then he recognized that he didn't. He also did not know why he was not on lists of all subjects, as this newspaper revealed, and replied that it was perhaps "some subject that I was validated." The next day y turned out to be 18 out of 22. He also said that he did not know professors of four subjects he studied, but country discovered that in three of m it was Alvarez Conde himself. In fourth was Alicia Lopez of waiters. Married denied that n it was possible to receive a treatment of favor, alleging that in 2008 and 2009 he was nobody, but besides that he was deputy and president of new generations, just put an example: to his wedding, on June 20, 2009 , at end of master's degree, were attended by two major political godparents, José María Aznar and Esperanza Aguirre, president of community of Madrid.

The points on suspicion of treatment of a married couple are two: convalidations and that did not do final work, with a tutor and defended in a court. On this judge insisted on interrogation of rector of URJC, Javier Ramos, on 21 June. According to Casado, it was a royal decree of 2005, which allowed him to do no final work, a requirement that was already requested in following royal decree of 2007. But under eir of two regulations, Casado would have allegedly incurred irregularities. The judge made read to Ramos Royal Decree of 2005 and Rector concluded: "If I understood correctly could not be validated anything, it is irregular to be validated". And as for final work, he asked, "Do you know if in edition of Mr. Casado re was public defense of end-of-master's work?" "I do not know," replied rector. The truth is that up to three students have confirmed to country that re was final work with defense before a court, and y retain even an email with call of Tribunal and professors that compose it on June 29, 2009.

The case has continued to grow in recent months with a drip of information that questioned entire curriculum. Inflated securities in United States, such as famous Harvard graduate program that was actually a three-day course in Aravaca. The world also published that it approved a half-career of law, 12 of 25 subjects, in four months in a center affiliated to Complutense. This university is investigating it, anor delicate front pending resolution. Finally, URJC also verifies his or career in business administration and management.

Next week judge will go full into married piece and new details come to light. They declare three students imputed this Monday and several more, as witnesses, to explain in which conditions y took master and to find out if re was a treatment of favor. Also will go as investigated two professors who approved four subjects to married and or three students, Enrique Alvarez Conde and Alicia Lopez of waiters, already imputed in case Cifuentes. Finally, Fernando Suárez, Exrector who signed in 2008 certificate of validation.

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