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The mayor of the PP who kept the ' bites ' in the bank

The last report of the Punic case emphasizes that the exalderman of Collado Villaa received suspicious income in his accounts during a rigging

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The mayor of the PP who kept the ' bites ' in the bank

The Central operating unit (UCO) of Guardia Civil has recently given to Judge Manuel García-Castellón An extensive report on alleged irregularities in award in 2014 in town hall of Collado Villares (Madrid) of a contract of Energy efficiency of 43 million euros to Punic plot in which it points out that part of alleged bite that n mayor of municipality, popular Agustín Juárez, received ended up in bank accounts of today's exalderr.

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The police document emphasizes that between 2012 and 2014 — period in which irregularities were supposed to be set for public competition to be won by Cofely company — in Juárez deposits, more than 90,000 euros were entered through cash deliveries and Suspicious transfers from society of an alleged intermediary of rigging. Juarez assured country yesterday that all of se revenues "are 100% justified and declared" and accused UCO of making an "interested interpretation" just to incriminate him.

Ángel Juárez was one of first detainees by Guardia Civil when Punic operation erupted in October 2014. Accused precisely of alleged rigging of contract to renew lighting of his municipality, n avoided entering in prison after paying a bail of 40,000 euros. After his arrest, politician resigned from office and pleaded "absolutely innocent." Yesterday he insisted on it and said that he did not have "any participation or influence" in irregular adjudication of which he is accused and emphasizes that only thing he received from a manager of Cofely was a ticket to see a match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

However, new UCO report points to it as main beneficiary of rigging of award and for which, according to builder David Marjaliza, who is collaborating with Justice since summer of 2015, he and or alleged implicated who are called " De Collado "They were to receive an illegal commission of 400,000 euros. The employer said that when y were arrested, plot had already given a share of that amount. His claims have been endorsed in large part by two managers of Cofely accused who have recently begun to collaborate with anti-corruption prosecutor. The police document attributed to Juarez crimes of deeds, fraud, traffic of influences, embezzlement of public funds and laundering.

The UCO notes that part of illegal commission allegedly already delivered could end up in three bank accounts in which mayor was listed as holder. The agents emphasize that between July 2009 and November 2014, Juarez entered m 422,237 euros, most of m coming from his salary as mayor and his professional activity. Anor 49,700 euros had its origin in bank loans. The remaining money is one that raises its suspicions, since 25,910 euros entered deposits by means of income in cash and or 90,500 were transferred from companies whose administrator, Manuel c. C., is designated by investigators as supposed Intermediary in collection of illegal commissions. Juarez admits his close relationship with him "for many years before I entered politics" and considers him his "friend and administrator", but refuses that neir of m participated in irregularities in city council.

Of income in cash, Civil guard stops in 18 realized in period of time in which sheets for energy efficiency competition were prepared and award of same to Cofely is decided. The report highlights that y entered accounts of former mayor a total of 25,310 euros. Eight were formalized at window allegedly by Manuel C. Three, made between 6 and 8 October 2014 for 6,500 euros and shortly after an exchange of calls between manager of Cofely with mayor and his broker. Juarez reduces se contacts to a single conversation and denies that he asked for money.

The investigators also suspect transfers received in accounts of former mayor of PP from a deposit on behalf of company Premier Consulting SL, whose sole manager is since 2012 alleged broker. Between 2010 and 2014, re are 45 fertiliser operations for a total of 90,500 euros, although UCO focuses on 33 revenues that took place between April 5, 2013 and September 5, 2014. In that year and a half, coinciding with alleged rigging of contest, a total of 74,500 euros were transferred.

The agents emphasize that accounts of company do not collect se payments to n mayor, besides that company declared in those years a net income lower than amount that transferred to this one. "A police trial could have been case of injections of money without justification in bank accounts of company for act followed ordering transfers in favor of Agustín Juárez," deduce authors of document.

In this sense, researchers emphasize finding of a notarial deed formalized in May 2013 between Juárez and alleged intermediary in which first recognized to owe Manuel C. 80,000 euros "as a result of personal relations between m. " Juárez justifies this document in close business relationship between two before its entry into politics and dissociates it from any rigging of its stage at head of consistory.

The Guardia Civil has also analyzed exits of money from accounts of former mayor in those years and draws attention to small number of times that Juarez went to window of bank to withdraw cash in period in which he was mayor. A detail that Civil guard links to alleged management of its share of cash for alleged collection of bites. It also highlights that this time its expenditure (415,153.58 euros) and Revenue (422,237.03) were so even that "re is no significant increase in savings" in accounts of Juarez.


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