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The mayors of independence challenge to justice: “we are Not afraid”

Puigdemont and Colau show their support to the more than 700 members favourable to the referendum despite the legal suspension

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The mayors of independence challenge to justice: “we are Not afraid”

The pro-independence, and heedless of warnings of justice and of central Government, showed yesterday muscle building in Barcelona. In a major event, but separately, president of Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, and mayor of Catalan capital, Ada Colau, embraced more than 700 mayors who have announced that y will support referendum suspended by Constitutional Court and are appointed by prosecutor's office. “We will not give even one step back to be able to vote. We are not afraid,” said Miquel Buch, mayor of Premià de Mar and president of Catalan Association of Municipalities.

  • The Prosecutor's office cites as researched to all mayors who support referendum
  • The mayor of L'hospitalet to Puigdemont: “To see if you calm mayors”

The leader of Association of Municipalities for Independence and mayor of Vilanova, Neus Lloveras, he criticized “judicial persecution” against elected Catalan and asked for confidence of catalans who are willing to go to polls, despite warnings of Government and Justice: “do Not fail”.

“we're here Today to say that you are not alone,” said Colau. “Do not underestimate strength of people of Catalonia”, added president of Catalan language. “The central State can have many laws and many boes, but do not have one thing: people of Catalonia,” said Puigdemont from courtyard of Palau de Sant Jordi, surrounded with 75% of mayors of Catalan, rod in hand, but that represent less than 50% of population. The president responded to head of Government, Mariano Rajoy, that last Friday, during extraordinary meeting of PP in Barcelona, and told leading Catalan of risk of “underestimating Spanish democracy”.

Rajoy: “you Can be quiet. Things will return to your bed”

The president of Government, Mariano Rajoy, claimed yesterday to leaders of catalans support referendum suspended by Constitutional Court, which reflect and return “to rationality and legality”. Rajoy did not want to bring forward new actions of Government to prevent holding of referendum, although he reiterated that “it's not going to hold” because it is “ settlement of will of majority of spaniards, of rights of immense majority”. In addition, it has asked citizens of Catalonia “who do not agree with what y are doing” ir leaders are “quiet” because “y are going to respect ir rights”. “You can be quiet. It is a situation not pleasant, but I have certainty that things will return to your channel and I would like it to be on a voluntary basis by those who have started show we're seeing,” he added.

The president of Government stressed, in a ceremony in Santiago de Compostela, to ask mayors catalans that support query that “does not cooperate in holding of a referendum illegal.” He said that he did not want controversy or with president of government or anyone else and reminded mayors in catalonia have only one thing to do: “follow law”.

he has Also alluded to presence in concentration of mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who recalled that she “has said that it will not transfer premises to conclusion” in referendum, so that “re is nothing to tell”. “When you don't give in, nothing to point about it”, was considered and suggested that “she might have to say to mayors to do same thing that she says she is going to do.”

The act of support to mayors comes after Thursday independence forces arrancaran campaign for yes in referendum scheduled for October 1, held under auspices of a law suspended by Constitutional. Puigdemont swept mayors after you cross a Sant Jaume square packed by thousands of people, shouting “we will vote” and “independence” and after listening to Colau in courtyard of town Hall. While it was a joint event, both acted as hosts in ir respective spaces and re was not a photo toger.

Puigdemont, accompanied by his number two, Oriol Junqueras, part of its Executive and president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, thanked mayors who “do not tremble, legs to continue forward.

Criticism of PSOE

On eve of landing of socialist leadership in Catalonia, on occasion of feast of rose, Puigdemont expanded focus of ir criticism. The president loaded “against those who look or way for not getting caught by crisis” and “those who go a step back”, in a veiled reference to PSOE and to a certain extent, against intersections of left-wing.

reference to The “step back” is a criticism muted to mayor of Barcelona, who this week has come to an agreement with Generalitat to allow vote in Catalan capital. 40% of party members of Colau, however, continues to be against participating in “mobilization” of October 1, as referred to in query made to foundation this week.

The decision of Colau follows soliviantando to socialists, ir partners in Government in Barcelona. The second lieutenant of mayor of city, Jaume Collboni, expressed support in social networks to socialist mayors that are under pressure and recalled that “ city Hall is house of all”. Most virulent was secretary of organization of PSC, Salvador Illa, who criticized fact that mayor give support “to mayors that work around law.” All are silent, however, before a possible rupture of agreement of mandate waiting to know covenant between mayor and president of Catalan, which would put polls without compromising institution or officials, red lines imposed by Collboni.

Colau received mayors in courtyard of town Hall and called attention to “situation that was unheard of in a democracy,” by which passes through Catalonia. He also insisted in story that for weeks trying to convey government of catalonia and entities and parties that had seceded. “This isn't about independence, it goes to defense of rights and freedoms of Catalonia”, said mayor, who did not make any specific invitation on sense of vote in referendum, while ir counterparts received with cries for participation in referendum.

Iceta calls back to selectmen that “law-abiding”

first secretary of The PSC, Miquel Iceta, asked yesterday back to mayors and councillors “who are simply asking to be allowed to comply with law.”

In a video published yesterday on his blog, socialist leader criticized that Government “does not only want to make a illegality” of referendum from October 1, but aims to do city Councils of Catalonia. “The time will put everyone in place that corresponds to him”, he predicted Iceta, who has set to work to find a solution and a way for Catalan people can vote with guarantees and respecting law.

A “shame State”

Some of attendees have already received subpoenas from office of prosecutor for disobeying Constitutional Court, something that Colau rejected. “We are here to say that it is a shame to have a State unable to give a political response to political problems, sitting down to dialogue and which is dedicated to bully mayors and media boots up posters for political reasons”, he said. “The country is plural, here do not spare none”, defended Colau. “We have differences, but we have points in common. The overall majority of Catalan defends right to decide our future and most fundamental rights such as freedom of expression.”

Dolors Sabater, mayor common of Badalona, was one of protagonists of event in town Hall. It is second largest town in Catalonia that supports without hesitation 1 of October. The mayor regretted that it is not referendum that y wanted to, referring to impossibility of agreed on with State, but claimed that it is “better referendum” that may be called “limitations”.


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