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The Mossos will let the dismissed Exadvisors access their offices

The Catalan police order to remove the photographs of the members of the Government of their dependencies

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The Mossos will let the dismissed Exadvisors access their offices
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  • The Mossos withdraw escorts to counselors ceased

The Mossos D'Esquadra will allow exadvisors who come to departments on Monday to access ir offices and collect ir belongings. The measure does not contravene any standard according to police sources. In event that y do or activities related to portfolios y are conducting, agents will await legal orders on how to act. The dome of autonomic police ordered this Sunday withdrawal of photographs of members of Government of offices and official buildings of institution.

The order to remove photos was moved to one of afternoon of in a three-line mail sent to all police stations of Catalonia. In some of se buildings it is common to hang image of president and Interior councillor.

This is second step that implies acceptance by Catalan police of intervention and assumption that government is dissolved. On Friday, when government materialized application of article 155, Mossos already proceeded to withdraw services of protection to destitute advisers. Former president Carles Puigdemont keeps his bodyguards on security issues, just as he keeps his predecessor, Artur Mas.

Both decisions have been taken by Mossos D'Esquadra, according to police sources, and are not result of a guideline of Ministry of Interior. The Catalan police dome understands that normal actions are taking place when a government ceases. In addition, this Sunday also communicated to agents in Barcelona that protection is withdrawn during 24 hours of official buildings of matches of ERC, PSC, PDeCAT, citizens and PP, according to or police sources. From Monday onwards, several daytime surveillances will be held in buildings, within special device that Mossos have activated since mid-September.

The Mossos were a key element in stability of a divided Catalonia, with Republic declared illegally and its chief, eldest, Josep Lluís, who was charged with sedition. The dome of Autonomic police force has materialized a seamless compliance of central government's decision to disband Generalitat's executive.

The first to assume without any resistance new situation was director of Mossos, Pere Soler. A few hours after announcement of his dismissal from Mariano Rajoy, he sent an internal letter to 17,000 agents of autonomic police, which is a way to make it public to whole society. In it he apologized to Catalan police for having exposed m in independence process, and said goodbye, which implied de facto that complied with decision of central government.

He was followed by eldest, who maintained same attitude of assuming government's decision. In anor internal letter, he also thanked his agents, and asked m to be "loyal" to new commanders. At same time, Interior Ministry appointed Commissioner Ferran López, up to that point number two, as his substitute. He also addressed agents, in a calm message, announcing that he took office, asking m for loyalty and explaining that command structure and normal functioning of body were kept intact.

In his new position, Lopez has at all times shown obedience to Ministry of Interior. That discharges Catalan police of any shadow of doubt. In body, decisions of new dome are welcomed as a return to calm after much restlessness, although re is also who interprets that acts with an excess of zeal, and y put as an example case of photographs in police stations , according to police sources.

So far, conflict has only been at institutional level. The uncertainty revolves around reaction of civil society according to judicial measures that can be taken next days, and attitude of Mossos vis-a-vis cases of passive resistance that can be produced. If in some buildings re were agglomerations to prevent police from acting, will y charge Mossos? The Ministry of Interior, which has carried out a soft intervention of Catalan police, respecting existing command line, has already warned that if necessary, y will replace agents of autonomic police force if y refuse to obey orders Indoor. At this time, Catalan police depend directly on technical Secretary of Ministry of Interior, Juan Antonio Puigserver.

The Catalan Independence challenge

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The ceased are left without official car

The decision of Mossos D'Esquadra to withdraw escort services to Catalan exadvisors, removed by application of article 155 of Constitution, also implies loss of official car. The measure was taken last Friday, after president of government, Mariano Rajoy, announced cessation of President of Generalitat and all his Govern after declaring independence.

The Escorts travel in official cars of Generalitat with public office y have assigned. If police protection is abolished, y cease to have vehicle at ir disposal, explains police sources. Carles Puigdemont maintains escort of Mossos, as usual in case of former presidents, although number of agents has decreased.

Also Artur Mas or Jordi Pujol still count on Mossos who watch for ir safety. The Catalan police are analyzing wher any of exadvisors could require security and doing some countervigilance to ensure that re is no risk to Catalan politicians


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