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The most announced complaint

The state attorney general will take Carles Puigdemont to the Supreme Court when he is removed

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The most announced complaint

The attorney general of State, José Manuel Maza, has already prepared one that will surely be least secret and most publicized complaint: one that hopes to present against President ceased — when Senate approves measures proposed under Article 155 —, Carles Puigdemont, before second Chamber of Supreme Court.

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The Government of Mariano Rajoy proposes cessation of Puigdemont and all members of Govern. But president is a member of Parlament. And not only Puigdemont: four or counselors — Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Turull, Josep Rull and Meritxell Borràs — so are y. Despite cessation, y will refore maintain parliamentary immunity.

The legal construction that has ordered Maza to Technical Secretariat that advises him is to impute to Puigdemont for crime of rebellion, based on several measures taken in recent months. This offence, in accordance with jurisdiction of Puigdemont and or directors who will be removed, should be investigated/prosecuted by Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC). It could, to this end, widen lawsuit by prevarication, disobedience and embezzlement instructed by judge Mercedes Armas. This is what Maza was recommended by a majority of 12 ward prosecutors of Supreme Criminal Division who attended an informal, non-binding consultation on Monday, 9 October. Maza promised that he would convene board of District attorneys, 27 highest-ranking prosecutors who advise him. But he hasn't done it yet.

Maza, and, according to sources consulted, president of TSJC, Jesús María Barrientos, believe that it is better to take matter outside of Catalonia, given that in a month and a half, since last September 8, Tribunal has not quoted to testify to 14 members of Govern Qu Erellados. To overcome border of Catalonia, Technical Secretariat, fulfilling Commission of Maza, manages crime of Rebellion: exceeds territory on which has jurisdiction TSJC and refore jurisdiction of Puigdemont avoids national audience, but not court Supreme.

Although rebellion calls for concurrence of a violent uprising, state Attorney-General's approach is rebellion/sedition so that five judges who will fall lawsuit choose crime.

The supreme has only intervened in Catalan issue by prosecuting and condemning (for disobedience) deputy Francesc Homs for his participation, as adviser to presidency of Govern, in organization of consultation of November 9, 2014. It has pending resolve appeal of Expresident Artur Mas and exadvisors Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau, condemned in TSJC also by disobedience in relation to 9-N.

Therefore, sources consulted in supreme do not conceal that by intervening Constitutional Court, Court of Auditors, national audience and TSJC on issue of independence/secession of Catalonia, it would be preferable to keep second room outside center Of Storm.

In that room re are two issues on which re seems to be clarity: crime would be sedition and toger with Puigdemont it would be necessary to act against or four flasks. The or nine counselors would be brought to justice in ordinary.


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