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The mystery of the voters of Albiol

The candidate counteracts with the hidden vote the bad forecasts of the polls

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The mystery of the voters of Albiol

No one remembers having voted PP in Catalan elections of 2015. Or at least he doesn't admit it when asked by pollsters. Only 1.2% of those interviewed recognized having opted for Xavier Garcia Albiol in those elections, when in fact it added 8.5% of votes. It is one of mysteries of 21-D: Unraveling how much polls predict a poor outcome of PP (5.8% of votes and seven seats, according to CIS) and how much it has done Albiol by focusing on attracting voters from large cities, middle-aged or retirees , who have made solution to independentist challenge key element in deciding ir vote. Because, who votes PP in Catalonia, community in which it suffers most in competition with citizens?

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"We are voted black pata people from metropolitan areas", says Pablo Casado, vice secretary of communication of PP, on thousands of voters who have remained loyal to acronym of his party after years of wear by pulse independence and critique of That did not offer solutions. An environment that leads many PP voters not to make ir vote public.

People like Rogelio, of 73 years, who yesterday attended with his wife to luncheon-rally that organized PP with Mariano Rajoy and Albiol in Lleida. "I'm from party since foundation and I have no desire to change," he says. "Those of us who are old, as we have seen many fads and trends, know that it is not worth it," he adds. "Or people like Pere and Ángel, aged 21 and 18, who support PP because Rajoy is one who has applied article 155." "We come to defend president," y say. However, y are an exception.

"Spain is solution"

In PP rallies, middle-aged people abound. The silver scalps. The retirees. That is what was in last of yesterday in Lleida, where 400 people who attended lunch reflect X-ray of polls. The majority of electors who opted for PP in 2015 are more than 65 years (40% of pensioners) and have not studied university (67%). In addition, no or party collects any more votes among people who are defined as center-right (26.6%), right-wing (26.6%), or extreme right-hand (5.3%).

Albiol's speech appeals to that profile. First, because it is full of references to Spain, to pensions, and to professions that depend on march of economy, so affected by independence challenge. Second, because he is only candidate who did not use Catalan mostly in debate on Thursday's aspirants. and, thirdly, because he has made claim to article 155 heart of his campaign.

"Although re is a part of electorate that agrees with 155, PP has a historical slab of bad image in Catalonia," says Ángel Valencia, professor of political science. "It is result of years closed to look for any kind of exit to an obvious political problem."

The PP advocates converting 155 into that solution. Albiol defends him even in a campaign slogan with which he seems to gamble to retain his voters rar than attracting new ones: "Spain is solution".


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