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The new president of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The votes of Junts per Catalunya and of Esquerra and the abstention of the CUP have made possible the election of the appointed by Puigdemont

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The new president of the Generalitat de Catalunya

(Blanes, 1962) has been elected president of Generalitat of Catalonia with 66 votes in favour (Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra), 65 against (Citizens, PSC, Catalunya in Comú-Podem and PP) and four abstentions (CUP). The election was possible five months after elections, on 27 December, and at second session of investiture debate, which only required more votes in favour than against and in which six deputies, fled or imprisoned, had participated , by delegation. "I appreciate vote and president Puigdemont for his generosity. Visca Catalunya Lliure, "said Torra after knowing outcome of vote.

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On Saturday and Monday, Torra, appointed directly by her predecessor, has spoken of her intention to build a Catalan republic and to deploy a constituent process. With consideration that fugitive of Justice Carles Puigdemont is legitimate president of Catalonia, new president has said that it will be "loyal" to mandate derived from illegal referendum of independence of October 1.

In all its speeches it has made a special impact on its idea that current situation is "exceptional and provisional" and has insisted that its mandate will be very limited in time. "Mr Torra, I assure you that we will be on high alert and every time your government makes autonomism, you know that it will go in opposite direction of popular one of October," warned spokesman of CUP, Carles Riera.

With this panorama, president of government, Mariano Rajoy, will meet tomorrow Tuesday in Moncloa with secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, and Thursday will do with President of citizens, Albert Rivera, to discuss situation in Catalonia. Both supported implementation of 155. This Monday, Secretary of organization of Socialists, José Luis Ábalos, said that first time it was applied 155 had "many preventions." "Now we've been through that experience. It costs more first time than second. Re-collaborating or ratifying constitutional response does not make any effort, "he said.

The application of article 155 of Constitution, for intervention of autonomy of Catalonia, is envisaged until moment when re is a new government in Catalonia. In event that Torra takes possession tomorrow as President, election could be even on Wednesday. "Lords of Spanish government, what day will you raise 155? Mr. Rajoy, Rivera and Sanchez, if y were courageous to impose an unfair rule, be courageous now and keep word, "said deputy spokesman for Junts per Catalunya, Eduard Pujol.

This morning, leader of citizens, Albert Rivera, has returned to claim Rajoy to extend application of article 155 in Catalonia beyond formation of a new government. Rivera has criticized Torra's intention to create a Catalan republic "for second consecutive time" so he has considered that "this cannot go on like this" and has urged Rajoy to "sit at table" and dialogue with parties to see how to "extend" application of 155 In Catalonia.

In any case, words of Rajoy do not allow to predict what will be proposal to move citizens and PSOE. "What I have heard over last few hours I have not liked, but as I have already pointed out I will judge facts. For future we will bet on understanding and concord. In same way that I say this, and I say it because I'm sorry, I guarantee that law, Spanish Constitution and rest of legal system are going to be fulfilled, "he said. "I want to appeal to moderation, tranquility and leave aside anxiety, which does not solve anything and is not what at moment should have people to address a situation as complex as this," has concluded Rajoy from Segovia.


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