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The novelty of the vote open to the bases makes doubt the applicants of the PP

The novelty of the vote open to the bases makes doubt the applicants of the PP. There is only one candidate, José Ramón García Hernández

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The novelty of the vote open to the bases makes doubt the applicants of the PP

The vote of members is door through which revolutions enter parties. An uncontrollable element. And a mystery to Feijóo, Sáenz de Santamaría and Cospedal, who are debating between desire to come to power and fear that popular vote will punish m. The double ballot that opens PP for bases elect candidates who will be in final fight of Congress, and commissioners who decide pulse re, change everything in game, accustomed to handpick. Manuel Fraga pointed to José María Aznar, and this to Rajoy. That Galician has distanced from his predecessor calling members to vote full of uncertainty to favorites, much as re are two elements that favor control of device: to vote must be aware of payment of fees and specify desire to participate.

More information
  • Congressman José Ramón García Hernández announces his candidacy to chair PP
  • The PP refuses to open an ideological debate to avoid internal divisions
  • Rajoy ceases to be a member and requests reentry as a registrar of property

"In Genoa re is a real psychosis, a lot of nervousness. This process is unpublished in PP, and so second and third levels are very nervous, "described a provincial president. "The procedure introduces question of votes of members, although Feijóo has a lot of support between bases," he continued. "Soraya's environment is moving, and much, to measure her props. And Cospedal we take it for eliminated except that it wants to hump it to her. "

"The ideal is that three tenors are presented and that each one is accompanied by a third of apparatus," summed up Luis Asúa, who in 2017 competed with Cristina Cifuentes for presidency of PP of community of Madrid. "So whoever wins kills two thirds of organization and gives us a regenerative option."

"The panorama is open to any scenario," continued José Luis Bayo, a leader of new generations who tries to gar 100 guarantees necessary to present his candidacy. "But to vote you have to be aware of payment of fees, so you take away almost 80% of bases," he retinted. "We have to debug system, because it is not participatory. I advocate a militant, a vow. "

The keys of People's Congress
  • The deadline for submission of Precandidatures will be open from today at 12.00 hours until 14.00 hours on June 20. A minimum of 100 guarantees are required.
  • The election campaign will be held from June 23 to July 4 if re is more than one candidate. Affiliates may register to participate in election of President of PP until June 25th and to participate as umpire in Congress will have until June 29.
  • On 5 July, registered affiliates and current payment — out of a total of more than 800,000 — will vote in two ballot boxes. One for precandidates — if re is more than one list —; And anor to elect 2,612 of 3,134 commissioners who will participate in conclave — rest are born members —. At most, two candidates will arrive at Congress.
  • If that day re is a precadidato that achieves more than 50% of votes, a difference of 15 points on second, or is most voted in half of constituencies, will be proclaimed single candidate.

The deadline for registering precandidatures for PP presidency begins today and remains open until Wednesday at 14.00. Accustomed to move in an extremely hierarchical organization, and strongly controlled by apparatus, aspiring orists observe with fear date of July 5, in which affiliates will vote in two ballot boxes to candidates who pass first phase And Commissioners who will decide name of leader in extraordinary congress of July 20 and 21. An uncontrollable variable that marks pulse of power.

"Feijóo is in a period of reflection. People were desperate with times of Rajoy... because Feijóo is worse! "said a collaborator of president of Xunta. "Madrid's challenge is not easy. And opting for generals in two years, or less, for an electoral advancement, is not same as in four. It's a very uncertain challenge. "

Uncertain? Feijóo is 56 years old, has just been a far and has committed numerous times to stay at Xunta in 2020. To make leap to Madrid alone would assure one thing: to lose power that it has as autonomic leader. With party divided and upward citizens, recognize ir advisors, recovering Moncloa looks like a chimera.

Feijóo's doubts

"Feijóo is showing many doubts, re is nothing clear about it. It is all very close, and if you lose, also loses Galicia, "opined one of chief advisers of Rajoy. "I see Soraya livelier, and in fact that explains that Margallo raises his candidacy: he leaves for Feijóo to react." "The stage is open," anor national leader agreed. "We're in a waiting bar."

The doubts of applicants with more options have paid for appearance of unforeseen candidacies. The deputy José Ramón García Hernández has already announced that he will fight for leading PP. The former minister José Manuel García Margallo also looks for 100 guarantees necessary to be a candidate, like Bayo. and Senator José Ramón Bauzá has already sought advice to measure convenience of taking plunge.

However, to get past first sieve — to gar 100 guarantees before Wednesday afternoon — does not mean that PP ends up holding a congress with two candidates, confrontation of programs and uncertain outcome. If in July 5 vote re is an applicant who achieves more than 50% of votes, a 15-point difference, or is most voted in half of constituencies, he will be proclaimed a single candidate. And Congress will become an act of proclamation of new leader.

The Galician PP believes that re is "an important demand" for Feijóo to "spearhead renovation"

The parliamentary spokesman of PPdeG, Pedro Puy, has admitted that re is "an important demand of different members of Popular party" who want to be Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who "spearhead renovation" of training after march of Mariano Rajoy.

However, in an interview in Galician Radio, Puy points out that decision corresponds exclusively to Feijóo and believes that, whatever "path" he chooses, y will be "perfectly understandable and good for country".

In this line, has placed to that this Monday opens period of submission of candidatures (it closes on Wednesday) to know if finally Feijóo takes step towards presidency of party at national level, a decision in which, according to Puy, "it will have much to see Sense of duty and sense of public and an important political moment for country. "

In addition, he pointed out that re is no "incompatibility" that prevents president of Os Peares (Ourense) to combine presidency of party to continue front of Galician government, while censoring that spokesman at Marea, Luís Villares, Claim call for elections in case Feijóo decides to leave Xunta.

"There is a single group (at Tide) that is asking for an electoral advancement and who asks for it, within that group, does more than anything for being candidate of that group that by or circumstances", has secured Puy in reference to villains.


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