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The opposition launches an offensive against Rajoy in Congress for corruption

The PP sees difficult to maintain the unit of the 155 before the motion of censure of the PSOE

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The opposition launches an offensive against Rajoy in Congress for corruption

The motion of censure presented by Pedro Sánchez against Rajoy not only jeopardizes continuity of current government. Succeed or not, frontal clash between PP and PSOE will test strength of constitutional front that composed se two parties — toger with citizens — to activate article 155 of Constitution in Catalonia. At same time, struggle for power will make it impossible for culminate negotiations to reach state pacts in such sensitive areas as regional funding, water policy or education to be successful. And Congress will become scene of criticism of opposition to PP for ir corruption cases, according to popular leaders.

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"In this juncture that has created Sanchez, how is it possible, if we have to maintain or propose a new 155, stronger in case that independence continue in ir strategy of challenge, that PP can be understood with PSOE or citizens?" he asked yesterday Vice-Secretary of Social Action of PP, Javier Maroto, in La Cope. "What Pedro Sánchez has done is a blow to unity of Constitutionalist forces in worst historical moment that Spain has had for independence challenge."

In addition to strong disqualifications towards Pedro Sánchez, who will continue without respite, political reality is very unfavourable for government and PP. The debate on state of nation, which Rajoy wanted to convene in June, is postponed to immediacy of Motion of censure. The convocation of Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, scheduled for this week, is also on air. And Congress today becomes scenario in which opposition will stage political change that has provoked in just one week sentence of Gürtel case.

Five days after court ruling, which establishes a direct sentence against party and mentions Rajoy as lacking credibility, general Secretary of Popular and defense minister, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, will come tomorrow to The parliamentary committee investigating alleged illegal financing of its party. But opposition reserves all its arsenal for Mariano Rajoy to answer on Wednesday at a battery of questions about corruption, derived from sentence, hand of spokespersons of PSOE, we, citizens and ERC. Also, vice-President of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro.

"What political responsibility do you think you should take in view of judgement of Gürtel case?", is question to Rajoy of spokesperson of PSOE, Margarita Robles.

"Will you resign?" will require Gabriél Ruffian (ERC)

"How does Vice-President judge sentence that condemns leaders of his party, and his own party, for corruption?", will be raised by spokesman of Can, Irene Montero, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

"Does Government consider that imputation of Secretary of State of Treasury affects exercise of his responsibilities?", is question recorded by Felipe Sicilia, of PSOE.

"Does Minister intend to keep Secretary of State of Treasury, Enrique Fernandez de Moya, charged with possible crimes of continued administrative prevarication, Cofacto and trafficking of influences in his position?", will be required by Melisa Rodríguez, Citizens, to Cristóbal Montoro.

In face of gravity of situation, Rajoy has emptied his agenda for this week. Consequently, Pablo Iglesias will not continue on Tuesday round of interviews initiated by Rajoy, with Sánchez and Rivera to discuss situation in Catalonia. The opposition, although disunited, starts in siege of Rajoy


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