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The Parlament of Catalonia approves the resolution to declare independence

The proposal of Junts PEL Yes and the CUP goes ahead in a secret ballot and with the absence of the opposition

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The Parlament of Catalonia approves the resolution to declare independence
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Parlament has approved, for 70 secret ballots in favor, ten against and two abstentions, proposal of Junts PEL Yes and CUP proposing to declare independence and open a constituent process that "ends with drafting and approval of Constitution of Republic" . The text also urges Government to deploy Transience law. The opposition has been absent at time of vote.

The secret ballot has been supported by both Cup and Junts PEL Yes, whose deputy spokesman, Roger Torrent, has asked for a nominal vote and ballot in order to avoid furr criminal actions, following warning of legal services of parlament that text It could not be voted on because law in which it is held is nullified by Constitutional Court.

In addition to deputies of Junts PEL Si and CUP have participated in vote 11 deputies of Catalunya is Pot, led by Joan Coscubiela, who voted No. All of m have shown ir vote except three of Podem, Albano Dante Fachín, Joan Giner and Àngels Martínez Castells who have not taught it.

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Before voting took place, president of Parlament, Carme Forcadell, has read proposal of Junts PEL Yes: "In virtue of what has just been exposed, we constitute Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign State, of law, democratic and social", has Said.

Like yesterday, President of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, did not intervene in plenary of this Friday and has been spokesperson of group of Junts PEL Yes, Marta Rovira (ERC), who has harshly reproached PSC, PP and citizens of wanting to intervene Democratic institutions, if y wanted to reject dialogue and to have imposed a majority that exists in Congress and that is not such in Parlament (47 deputies on 135, although non-independence parties surpass sovereigntists in percentage of vote). The member has blamed m not to have explained effects of 155 and to have torpedoed systematically any debate and n denounce that ir rights are violated. "Mrs Arrimadas: Tell plainclos police to stop chasing us," said Rovira who has assured that y take photographs when accompanying her daughter to school.

Carles Riera, a member of CUP, has assured that Parlament will take a "historic" step by starting to end 1978 regime and Bourbon monarchy. "The time has come for people." We define ourselves before state and before Catalan oligarchies, said member who said that Catalonia still lacks state structures and that it must, refore, start that constitutional process with a Catalan counterpower against " power Authoritarian state. "We want a host Republic." And we want a tender hug for those who want a better world to be ir identity. And we step on our feet and with our heads up high. No knees, no minions. Like people pounds and y're scared. Today is a happy day. "Visca Terra!" he concluded.

"The time has come for people, without state structures, to build republic from below, from Autorganización, from city councils, and for all this we claim today that Parlament will assume result of October 1 and vote on proposals for resolution and "Declare that Catalonia is an independent state in form of a republic," said CUP spokesman, Carles Riera, who has begun his speech by remembering leaders of entities sovereigntists, ANC and Ònnium, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, imprisoned For an alleged crime of sedition.

The proposal of Junts PEL Yes and CUP proposes opening of a constituent process that "ends with drafting and approval of Constitution of Republic" and urges Government to deploy law of transience. The text sets a period of 15 days for Constitution of an "advisory council for constituent process" and to convene constituent elections once all phases of process have been completed. According to sources of Junts PEL Yes before commencement of plenary, text does not provide for declaration and voting of independence, although explanatory statement states: "We constitute Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign state, of law" , Democratic and social ", citing statement signed by separatist deputies after plenary of 10th of October.

The PSC, PP and citizens had already announced that ir members would leave Hemicycle if proposal was voted on. Despite report against legal services of House, Bureau of Parlament has admitted proposal. It has soon transpired that state Attorney-General's office provides a complaint of a crime of rebellion against members of Bureau in event that a declaration of independence is admit.

The last point of text encourages city councils to "promote constituent debates from local level by promoting participation of civil society, facilitating necessary resources and spaces for proper development of citizen debate" . Fuentes de Junts PEL do assure that it is not necessary to explicitly vote on independence of Catalonia because, according to m, this has already been voted by citizens in illegal referendum on October 1. These sources insist that what is to be voted on today is "consequences" of implementation of referendum results.


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