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The PDeCAT announces that Puigdemont wants to go to the Senate but considers that the government puts obstacles

In Moncloa see that it annoys more to make him go on Thursday or Friday, when it would be more logical tomorrow, accuses the spokesman for training in the Senate

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The PDeCAT announces that Puigdemont wants to go to the Senate but considers that the government puts obstacles

"President Puigdemont wants to come to Senate, because he believes in dialogue," he announced this Tuesday officially, for first time, PDeCAT, through his spokesman in this Chamber, Josep Lluís Cleries. However, he accuses government of locking him up by denying him possibility of going on Wednesday and leaving him only option of Thursday, in commission that processes article 155, or on Friday, already in plenary which must be definitively approved. I think it has not fit well in agenda of Moncloa, because y see that it annoys more doing it on Thursday or Friday, instead of doing it on Wednesday, which is day that it blocks. "It's a little absurd if you analyze objectively," he protested.

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Yesterday, Monday, Catalan parliament convened a plenary session precisely on Thursday, which could lead to a declaration of independence. Shortly after it transcended that Puigdemont was studying to go to Senate, a surprising news because so far has always rejected invitations to explain his plans in Parliament, and after a while Senate pointed out that only could do it on Thursday In afternoon. In particular, at five o'clock, to appear in Commission's final debate. "It is absurd because Generalitat's allegations have already been discussed at Thursday morning Commission meeting," reproached Cleries. Your party will insist this morning again, at Senate table meeting, that you will be allowed to come on Wednesday.

The truth is that Bureau of Senate, meeting on Saturday to admit to process decision of Council of Ministers to activate 155, had not specified moment available for allegations of Puigdemont and left a vague deadline between today in afternoon and Thursday by MA Ñana. He only needed it yesterday, after knowing that plenary of Parliament would be on Thursday. Sources of high House attributed it to confusion that produces exceptionality of this situation, because it is first time in democracy that this article of Constitution applies. The Commission has been created ad hoc for this purpose.

In any case PDeCAT has repeated that, as President of Generalitat wishes to explain himself in person, he will do his best to come: "It is necessary to square it with agenda of Parlament, if it can be squared, so that he can be in parlament and come here." I think it is more unlikely on Thursday or Friday, because on Friday oretically, it is necessary to see movements re, re would be vote in Parlament and he has to be to vote. In this way it also confirmed indirectly that plenary of Catalan chamber of Thursday can be lengned until Friday and it would be that day when a possible declaration of secession would occur.


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