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The pilot who coils the minor in Algeciras has a history of drug trafficking

The family of the child is "closely related" to one of the clans of hashish and has been extremely safe against possible altercations

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The pilot who coils the minor in Algeciras has a history of drug trafficking

It was a "gesture of cockiness that went wrong". It is main hyposis that police shuffle on origin of fatal winding of a motorboat rigid to a minor of nine years in beach of Getares (Algeciras). The events occurred in afternoon of yesterday and now both pilot and man who accompanied him in pneumatics are detained and awaiting to go to judicial disposition. The man who was driving boat, aged 37, gave positive in alcohol and has a large history of history, among which is his link to drug trafficking. In addition, far of deceased child also belongs to a well-known hash clan, so security forces have been extremely safe in area in face of possible altercations.

The little one, who responded to initials of M. M., was with his far aboard a small white pleasure boat very close to shore, in vicinity of mouth of Rogue River, on beach of Getares. A few meters away, now detained were making passes with a pneumatics of about seven meters in length and equipped with a powerful outboard engine of 300 horses. Gum is similar to that used by drug traffickers, although y are of lower proportions. However, minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has nuanced this Tuesday that "it was not destined and dedicated to drug trafficking".

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The far rebuked occupants of boat for ir behaviour, carried out in a marked area where use of boats was prohibited. It was n that, around 17.00, pilot wanted to make a spinning top or turn with rigid with "gesture de cockiness", as explained by sources close to case. However, maneuver went awry and boat collided with far-son boat. The speed was such that pneumatics passed over family recreational boat. In a maneuver that is still investigated, propellers of rigid reached minor who died practically in Act.

After event, pilot pretended to flee aboard boat, but his companion snatched keys of contact to avoid it. The cause of accident was thrown into sea to swim away from place. Meanwhile, copilot went to beach aboard a water scooter of a third person that was in vicinity. It was n that relatives and close friends of child went to him to try to attack him, as Luis Esteban, Commissioner of Algeciras, acknowledges. However, arrival of agents of Guardia Civil and national Police, alerted by emergency services of 112, avoided aggressions.

In front of tension that was lived in beach of Getares, security forces opted to move body of child to port of Algeciras. So far mor of little one was moved and judge who authorized lifting of corpse. At same time, agents were responsible for moving pilot, after intercepting it at sea, to avoid furr altercations on beach.

This Tuesday investigators have corroborated that pilot of rigid was an old acquaintance of agents. He had a history of drug crimes, robbery with intimidation, and an attack on authority's agent. For first of m had already spent "at least two years in prison", y assure sources close to case. In addition, he tested positive for sobriety test that was practiced after event. You are now charged with an alleged crime of homicide.

The co-pilot also has a record, but not drug trafficking. Both continue to be detained, but co-driver is expected to be released without charge, as police do not warn of any criminal evidence in ir behaviour, in trying to prevent pilot from fleeing. For his part, accused for murder is not expected to be in court until morning of next Thursday.

Likewise, investigators have found that maritime service of Civil guard intervened boat afternoon before event, when three crewmen piloted it without having any qualification and loaded with flasks of gasoline. The agents suspect that y used zodiac as a distraction boat, while Narcolanchass Alijan drug. The following day, at 16.00, y picked it up at Benemérita Sea base, thanks to one of m, this time, having nautical degree. "From re, y left direct to beach of Getares where events occurred", as confirmed by sources close to Guardia Civil.

The family of deceased child is also "closely linked" to world of drug trafficking, according to sources close to case. Likewise, Zoido has confirmed this morning that far has a criminal record, although he has not pointed out wher y are for drug trafficking. The parent is linked to Pantoja clan, according to sources close to case, one of gangs of narcos operating in area and, in turn, has links with Abdellah El Haj, known as Messi of hashish. The burial of child was celebrated this Tuesday, at noon in intimacy.

Meanwhile, police have reinforced citizen security patrols in Algeciras to avoid possible altercations. In addition, mayor of Algeciras, José Ignacio Landaluce, and government delegate in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, will chair a local security board at city Council. Subsequently, a local security table will be constituted with participation of all municipal political groups and coordinators against drug of field of Gibraltar.


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