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The police register Mediapro and headquarters of the Generalitat by the census of the 1-O

The judge is looking for clues about obtaining databases to hold the referendum

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The police register Mediapro and headquarters of the Generalitat by the census of the 1-O

Agents of National Police Force (PNC) practice from early in morning at least three records in search of evidence of crime on use of electoral census in illegal referendum last October 1. By order of holder of instruction number 13 of Barcelona, agents have entered Department of Economy of Generalitat and have arrested chief of cabinet, according to police and judicial sources. Researchers have also entered offices of Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI), an organ of Generalitat that was key to conclusion of consultation on 1 October. Finally, according to judicial sources, records are also occurring at headquarters of Mediapro Communication group.

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  • A press center to pay for illegal referendum of October 1
  • Data Protection Agency investigates possible illicit access to create electoral census

The same sources have confirmed that operation is related to electoral census that Generalitat employed to make possible celebration of referendum. On October 1, Jordi Turull-n spokesman for Catalan government-reported that one could vote in any electoral college thanks to a system that allows to apply a universal census. During day, Guardia Civil managed to partially block application that gave access to that census. The judge investigates wher authorities of Generalitat used illicit means to obtain census information.

Days before consultation, more than 5.5 million of Catalans were able to consult by Internet, through a Web page, place where y were to go to vote. According to experts, se personal data were exposed without knowing how y had been obtained. The Data protection Agency opened an investigation into matter and warned that Generalitat did not have permission to use state databases in referendum. Not being covered by electoral law, Catalan government was not able to access official census data.

The CTTI has already been subject of various records by Guardia Civil, which leads bulk of investigation into referendum. The police have re-accessed offices of centre, an organism that integrates computer services of autonomous administration and that was decisive to give technological support to Generalitat in celebration of consultation.

In case of Mediapro, a report by Civil guard sent to judge Pablo Llarena last February marked prominent role of company's founder, Jaume Roures, in development of procés. Roures, according to researchers, participated in independence strategy that led to call for referendum and was a "capital element". Mediapro also enabled an international press centre for follow-up of 1-O.

The Civil Guard delivered on February 1 to Judge Paul Llarena — who instructs in Supreme Court cause for rebellion, sedition and embezzlement against leaders of Procés— a report highlighting role played by Jaume Roures, founder of Mediapro, in The independentist strategy that led to illegal referendum and subsequent declaration of independence. The police document qualifies Roures as a "capital element" in communication strategy.


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