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The PP fears an internal war for the change of leadership of Rajoy

Party leaders ask that it not continue as leader of the opposition and that weigh give way to another party president

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The PP fears an internal war for the change of leadership of Rajoy

The debate on future of Rajoy was opened as soon as spokesman of PNV, Aitor Esteban, announced his decisive support for motion of censure of PSOE. It is not usual for a president to continue as leader of opposition after an electoral defeat. Although case of Rajoy is exceptional, because never before had triumphed a motion of censure, re are already voices in party that do not advise that it continues to front of PP in Congress and that y ask that it opens an internal debate to give way to anor leader. That critical minority, but with specific weight, now clashes with national leadership, which defends that Rajoy is best guarantee of unit.

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  • Rajoy does not intend to resign although Sanchez has support to win motion of censure
  • The PNV will support motion of Sanchez and let Mariano Rajoy fall

"The bases and intermediate tables consider that government cannot be handed over to Sanchez, and that president should resign and encourage a new investiture debate to buy time," a politician summed up in a voice and vote in decisions of PP. "You don't have to do it EST e gift to PSOE, with an expansive budget, which will make it easier for Sanchez to only have to do some gestures to consolidate, "he added. "No one would understand that he was still in front of party as leader of opposition. Would crush him. "

"This is not time for matters relating to personal situation of Mariano Rajoy," said secretary general of PP, Maria Dolores de Cospedal.

"I think he wants to go on, and he deserves it because going out like this is unfair, but it's all very complex," he recognized a source of national leadership.

The PP has not convened any of party's organs since Sanchez recorded his motion. Despite incipient internal criticisms — which last weekend called for an extraordinary congress — re was no steering committee on Monday, as usual.

Addressing crisis

No one doubts that it is necessary to convene an executive committee or a national Board of directors to address crisis. But re are those who advise not to be held without having tied before among barons big question: If Rajoy continues as leader of opposition or gives way and is in charge of piloting a transition that ends with anor politician in front of PP.

"If a board of directors is convened without agreeing to this before, we can go to a civil war," summed up an interlocutor.

For once, criticisms did not come only from those hurt with Rajoy, such as former minister José Manuel García-Margallo — "My advice would be that," he said when asked wher president should resign. The PP was divided between those who defended continuity of its leader and those who advocated because it resigned in order to annul motion, to keep its executive in office and to gain time to present an alternative candidate who was invested by PNV and citizens.

"I think it must resign on condition that re is stability and anor investiture," two regional leaders agreed.

In front of this panorama, main spokespersons of party and government yesterday defended continuation of Rajoy.

The resignation, y argued, would only facilitate investiture of Sanchez after a period of interim, because in second round would only need simple majority. In no case, y ventured, would get anor PP candidate necessary votes. And, to achieve this, y secured multiple interlocutors, Sanchez could always argue before Felipe VI that he must first try investiture, because he already has endorsement of votes of his motion of censure.


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