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The PP fears the impact of the Madrid crisis in Spain

Against the rise of citizens, the party of Rajoy is left without leader in a key bastion

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The PP fears the impact of the Madrid crisis in Spain

"Let's take a quiet time." This phrase by National coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-Mailo, reflects complex scenario that confronts conservative formation following resignation of Cifuentes. At one year of local, autonomous and European elections of 2019, party is left without a candidate for most important regional government of five that it maintained. It also loses to leader who was to encourage municipal candidates and Rajoy himself in next generals — if president decides to opt for Moncloa —. And he risks Madrid crisis spread to PP in rest of Spain, adding to rise of citizens to generate a perfect storm that departs party.

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"The biggest concern is how party in Madrid, which is in difficulty and not oiled," summed up a party source. "It will cost to capture new candidates for municipalities; The people distinguished and reviewable within PP and government, as Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, will have more qualms about going down to Madrid or not directly accept to be an autonomic candidate; And PP will get depleted to campaign, because you go in a boat in which each row in its own way, which does not advance, "he argued. "This happens in a horrible year! We must make lists of 2019! "he lamented. And he acknowledged, "We're worried, because y're going to start to surface. Ángel Garrido by Cifuentes sector; Antonio González Terol, by Esperanza Aguirre. So we're going to have anor candle. is to reopen crisis to one year of elections, "he concluded.

The concern in PP is absolute. The strategists advising Rajoy had pointed out community of Madrid as key square to curb advancement of citizens. Revalidating regional government in elections of 2019 and reconquering that of capital had been underlined as two essential conditions to ensure a successful outcome in general election of 2020. Cifuentes ' resignation, consequent power vacuum, and resulting controversy, jeopardize project.

"But rest of PP is accustomed to crises and Troubles of PP of Madrid," said anor interlocutor of National Directorate. "We carry a few and will pass," he added. "As for voters, this affects only PP of Madrid, we will solve in a few days, and oblivion in politics is very common," he argued. "Where is crisis of Murcia?", this leader asked in reference to resignation of Pedro Antonio Sánchez, who just a year ago left presidency of region for his imputation in cases auditorium and Punic. As will happen now in Madrid, leading Murcian was replaced by an autonomic deputy, Fernando López Miras, who has ruled since n.

"The problem is that in Madrid re is not so much time," differed or sources of National Directorate, who were not so optimistic about rapid resolution of controversy. In fact, se leaders recognized that long days of wear are still ahead.

It remains to be resolved to who presents PP as a candidate to be invested as a substitute for Cifuentes: Ángel Garrido, who occupies office of functions, still raises doubts in national direction, as Pedro Rollán, former mayor of Torrejón. It is also in air if regional leader is held in front of party or ends up giving up his post. And with candidacy of 2019 as last of problems, dance of names that can opt to occupy positions of responsibility in this stage of transition is charged of candidates: councillor of transport, housing and infrastructures, Rosalía Gonzalo; The economy, employment and finance, Engracia Hidalgo; The President of Assembly, Paloma Adras; Spokesman Enrique Ossorio; Or deputies Enrique Ruiz Escudero and Juan Antonio Gómez-Angulo.

How can contagion be reduced? The national Coordinator, Fernando Martínez-Mailo, and Deputy Secretary of communication, Pablo Casado — who in party define as a "black paw" of PP of Madrid — will be responsible for mediating to prevent Madrid crisis from moving to structure National.

Utmost concern

Thus, sources of direction of conservative formation point to that y will be supported in autonomous deputies who also have responsibilities of territorial coordination linked to Martínez-mail. Among m would be Juan Carlos Vera, Álvaro Moraga or Alfonso Serrano.

The work of leaders of PP will not only be to pacify internal life of training in Madrid and to build a new project that can reach with a minimum possibilities to elections of 2019. In national direction, concern with disappointment felt by members of Madrid PP is maximum.

Thus, in national headquarters of Genoa it is remembered that in last three years Esperanza Aguirre has resigned, he has formed a manager and Cifuentes has left presidency of Madrid. In middle, former president Ignacio Gonzalez has gone through prison for his alleged involvement in Lezo case, and re have been multiple cases of corruption that have affected various popular positions of highest relevance.

"And how much will militancy endure?" asked a leader of Conservative training. "At a time when we have to appeal to ir mobilization, to have no transfer of votes to citizens, to have good people for lists... All this is very sensitive to militancy," he continued. "It's to be worried."

Rajoy says resignation was a must

"Cifuentes has done what he had to do and what he was obliged to do in this situation." That was Mariano Rajoy's reaction to resignation of president of Madrid, with which leader of PP hopes that his training will now open "a new stage." In first hour of Wednesday, PP breakfasted with images of Cifuentes emptying his purse before a security guard in a supermarket. And that caused criticism to happen. "This is agony now," summed up a leader. "This is dreadful. and unsustainable, "a second voice coincided. "Unsustainable," a third interlocutor emphasized before Cifuentes stepped back.


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