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The PP is committed to defusing citizens agreeing the regional funding with the PSOE

The agreement of the bipartisanship aims to launch the message that they are the two parties, so far majority, the guarantors of the social welfare

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The PP is committed to defusing citizens agreeing the regional funding with the PSOE

Rajoy and Sánchez kept at beginning of year a conversation in which y agreed to open a negotiation on regional financing and water policy to demonstrate utility of PP and PSOE against citizens and we can. With 2019 's elections on horizon, rapprochement between two groups deepened with a private encounter between ir numbers two, Fernando Martínez Mailo and José Luis Ábalos. Faced with advancement of citizens, which has been consolidated as first force in Spain, according to Metroscopia, Rajoy took a step furr in February, when he ordered his regional leaders to consensuaran a common position on financing to serve as a basis for reaching an agreement With Socialists. That pact, however, is even furr afield today than when talks began.

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The regional leaders of PP and PSOE are looking for alliances that serve before needs of ir territories rar than defending national interests of ir parties. The signing of an agreement between two communities of PP (Galicia and Castilla y León) and two or of PSOE (Aragon and Asturias) to defend that new model of financing take into account depopulation of se territories has provoked internal earthquakes.

When news was known, most prominent members of national leadership of Rajoy party received calls from or regional representatives who expressed both ir alarm and ir disgust. There were also those who expressed ir surprise that agreement had been signed while various popular specialists in each community were trying to build common position of party using paper on funding that had Participated Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of Galicia, for National Congress of PP of 2017.  "Had we not agreed to a common position in PP?", inquired different territorial representatives, according to sources of National Directorate.

At time, re were socialist presidents who made known ir opposition to such pacts (case of Guillermo Fernandez Vara, of Extremadura) or ir desire to join agreement (case of Emiliano Garcia-Page, of Castilla-La Mancha, which led to a prompt apology of The signatories). These internal discrepancies, coupled with enormous distance between negotiating positions of various communities, make global agreement seem very difficult today, according to two socialist presidents.

But that is not opinion of Government. The autonomic financing has been pending renewal since 2014. The directors of Rajoy consider that PP and PSOE will end up being understood because it pushes both need to demonstrate its usefulness and desire to maintain its institutional weight: two parties govern twelve of seventeen Autonomous Communities and They need to approve new funding to provide services that underpin ir representatives ' candidacy for re-election in 2019. In addition, government sources consider that Rajoy will get Embridar to territorial barons of PP, and that key to rest of negotiation is to satisfy representatives of Catalonia, Valencian Community and Andalucia.

A challenge major and at height of challenge facing PP: Citizens leads and all polls, transfer of voters is constant and Rajoy needs a success that allows him to change dynamics, provoke a turning point and show that he can get what That for Rivera is just a chimera.


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