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The PP proposes to reform the Senate to expand its functions

The party wants it to be a first-reading camera for the autonomic statutes

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The PP proposes to reform the Senate to expand its functions

The fifth point of plan of work for Commission proposed yesterday by PP includes a "reform of Senate from constitutional consensus". Although this statement coincides with those raised by PSOE and citizens, parliamentary sources point to a possible difference in background: while Rivera's training has been in favor of closing camera, or at least changing his system of choice, Rajoy's party prefers to focus on modernising its functions, to give it more content and reinforce its role.

The PSOE calls Commission to Serrat, Marias and Évole

The list of appearances proposed by PSOE, more than a hundred, is by far most striking and heterodox, for his claim to print Territorial Commission "a character open to society and channel of all new citizen demands."

It includes writers and artists, such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Javier Marías, Javier Cercados, Isabel Coixet, Fernando Aramburu and Luis García Montero. There are also numerous journalists and commentators: directors of main newspapers — including country's —, Jordi Évole, Iñaki Gabilondo, Pepa Bueno, Victoria Prego, Joaquín Estefanía, Soledad Gallego Díaz, José Antonio Zarzalejos, Enric Juliana, Julia Otero, Javier Sardá, Àngels Barceló and Montserrat Domínguez.

Political and sociologists such as Pablo Simón, Belén Barreiro, Antón Losada and Sandra León, philosophers such as Emilio Lledó and Adela Cortina, and historian Santos Juliá. Even ambassadors in Spain from Austria, Germany or USA.

"The functions allow us to reinforce Senate so that it goes beyond a second reading chamber and that it could be chamber in which certain initiatives such as reforms of statutes of Autonomy were seen," explained sources of parliamentary direction of PP. "Reinforcing functions of Senate can be something that does not necessarily lead to a reform of Constitution, but it does satisfy demand that it is useful in more land," y added. Could such functions be included in approving ceiling of expenditure or transfer of taxes? "That subject is open." We do not put conclusions before debate, y responded.

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Sources of National Directorate of PP remember that re are previous works about it. They also point out that se have to do with possibility of reforming regulations of Congress and of Senate with aim of yielding competences of lower house to high in processing of initiatives that have to do with territorial proposals.

With this formula, PP — whose spokesman in Commission is José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro — would seek to circumvent two debates that have prevented any change of draught in operation of Senate in recent years. First, one who faces parties who want to change formula that decides choice of senators with whom y want to keep it. And second, one that measures formations that demand a reform of Constitution with which y believe that it is not right time to approach it.

Two hundred speakers

The PSOE and citizens will also contribute to Commission's work — which will start in January — proposals on Senate. The Sánchez party wants to examine capacity of House to facilitate participation of communities in decision-making at state level and as a tool for cooperation, interconnection and integration of territorial policies. For his part, Rivera raises in his work plan need to reform camera.

To prepare this debate, that of regional funding or strengning of loyalty mechanisms between communities and State, parties have convened more than 200 speakers. The final list will be screened by all integrated formations in a commission in which for now have declined to participate as much toger we can as PNV, PDeCAT or ERC.

The main summonses are former presidents of Government — although citizens have not included José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero —; The fars of Living Constitution — Miguel Herrero de mignon, José Pedro Pérez-Llorca and Miquel Roca —; The autonomous presidents; And some of his predecessors, such as José Bono (Castilla-La Mancha), Luisa Fernanda Rudi (Aragon) or Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra (Extremadura). In addition, PP wants Commission to attend several members of present Government, including Vice-President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro.

The PSOE, a promoter of Commission and has one of its deputies as President — José Enrique Serrano — aims to enable month of January to hold an average of between 4 and 6 weekly appearances. At six months, a paper would be appointed to draw up Commission's opinion with motions for a resolution. Only n will it be known wher parties have succeeded in reformulating role of Senate.


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