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The PP shuns the succession debate to avoid the weakening of Rajoy

62% of the voters of the party and 85% of the Spanish believe that the president should give way to a new leader, according to Metroscopia

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The PP shuns the succession debate to avoid the weakening of Rajoy

The PP has eluded debate on wher Mariano Rajoy repeats as a candidate to avoid a crisis of unforeseeable consequences. 62% of voters of party and 85% of Spanish believe that president should give way to a new leader, according to Metroscopia. However, none of regional presidents convened this Monday by Rajoy to discuss autonomic financing or water policy raised in that meeting need to renew leadership of party. Training attempts to prevent opening of succession debate from weakening its leader against independence challenge and PP against citizens.

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  • Most voters, also those of PP, wants Rajoy to let him
  • The PP is enroca in defending president as his best candidate
  • Citizens leave behind PP and PSOE and is consolidated as most voted force

"I don't know if problem of PP is Rajoy or not, in end all in life we end up getting tired, but one of our basic pillars now is to cling to elements of unity and cohesion," argued one of regional leaders that president quoted on Monday in Madri (d) For a work lunch in which he sought a common discourse on regional funding and water policy. "If Rajoy for some is not solution, n very well, but now he is President of Government and re is no question," he added on express desire of leader to rush legislature until 2020. "We have to be smart," he asked about rise of citizens. "Anor thing is that when time comes, if he makes decision, let's do what we have to do," he mused. "We are an ordained party."

The survey of Metroscopia for country provoked a great concern among parliamentarians of PP. The coincidence of rise of citizens with wear of figure of Rajoy feeds a perfect storm against interests of party that supports government. Although in private almost no one in this training already gives for sure that leader wants to be presented for sixth time to presidency, his advisers agree to describe his leadership as a brake against internal power struggles. It also points out inconvenience of questioning Rajoy's future just when opposition parties are asked to support him in face of independence challenge in Catalonia. As a result, party leaders have closed ranks to try to avoid a crisis.

The ten charges consulted by this newspaper argued that re is enough time for PP and Rajoy to react before two electoral periods that directly concern m: Andalusian, local, regional and European elections of 2019; And generals of 2020. But none of m hid ir concern.

Key points dela meeting of PP

Mariano Rajoy addressed with regional presidents of his party and members of National Directorate following points.

autonomous financing and water pact. The PP will transfer to PSOE a proposal on se two issues to sign a national pact. electoral reform. The directors of Rajoy will renew model already raised in 2010 to always govern most voted municipal list. budgets of 2018. The president showed his confidence in repeating alliance of 2017 with Citizens, PNV, coalition Canaria and New Canary.

Conference of Presidents. Vice-President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría reviewed compliance with agreements reached in 2017.

"It is clear that this type of news condition, and that makes it clearly in negative," said one of autonomic presidents of PP. "We are too far from goal to guess results," he says.

"There is much left, although data is very striking," coincided anor regional leader of a community of maximum strategic interest for PP.

Different regional leaders "softly" mentioned need for government to regain political initiative, in an implicit reference to citizens. It occurred during four hours of meeting convened by Rajoy in Genoa, which was also attended by Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría; The Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro; The general secretary of PP, María Dolores de Cospedal; And deputy secretaries Javier Maroto, Javier Arenas, Pablo Casado and Andrea Levy.

It was mentioned, above all, of autonomic funding. Water policy was also discussed. And none of attendees raised need for PP to renew its leadership for upcoming electoral cycle, according to sources present at meeting. Thus, no one will discuss Rajoy if he finally decides to come back. And that's his wish "to date today."

"The meeting has reflected Union of party around Mariano Rajoy's leadership," Martínez-Mailo summarized. "It has not only affection but all support of all autonomic leaders and this has been demonstrated today," he added. And on that 85% of Spaniards who ask for a change of leader, commented: "The only test we completed, only test we can assess, test that we are worth, is ballot box."

Support to President

The support in public to Rajoy were adding up throughout afternoon. "The president has done a lot, we have to remember how situation of country was when it arrived in 2011 and how it is now, in addition to its future approaches," said Fernando López Miras, president of Murcia. "It's still an asset," he added. And he bet: "He should be candidate in generals."

"It is a good time today to support President Rajoy, who is struggling for general interest of Spain," said former minister Alfonso Alonso, president of PP of Euskadi.

"If re are those who are losing elections y are representing, how is it not going to be presented again who has won m?", he asked before appointment José Antonio Monago, president of PP of Extremadura. "White blackbirds have always existed, problem is that re is never certainty about ir outcome."

Montoro's unforgiving debt wings autonomy

The PP will prepare an internal document with contributions from all its regional representatives and n trasladárselo to PSOE and begin to negotiate autonomous financing, pending renewal from 2014. This was announced by president, Mariano Rajoy, to territorial leaders of his training, who were relieved of meeting convened in Genoa because Cristóbal Montoro, Minister of Finance, assured m that re will be no removes (in form of debt restructuring) For most indebted communities. "The PP will present a document to Trasladárselo PSOE and to serve as a model of initiation to reach an agreement," summarized coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-mail. "And no removal is contemplated. Debts have to be paid. "


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